A breakdown of the stock price history of BABA.

There are stock splits in the market.The five-for-one split occurred in August of 2020.Many other companies are joined by these blue-chip companies.

The history of the public market contains one stock split and a secondary listing.

Amazon has a market cap of $1.61 trillion.The share price is up to $3,200.47.In February of this year, the company hit the $1 trillion valuation mark.Spending during the holiday season has helped Amazon as founder and CEO Jeff Bezos continues to add billions to his net worth.

Amazon has a market cap of more than $600 billion.The shares are going for $224.98.Jack Ma has a net worth of more than $50 billion.

In September of 2014, the company went public.The company was founded in 1999 and was 15 years old at the time.

At the time of their IPO, it was the largest public offering on record.They raised $21.8 billion by selling each share for $68.The IPO was worth $25 billion after the underwriters decided to sell more shares.

Since the IPO expansion, they have not been beaten on their IPO.The rapid pace of IPO growth may make investors feel like it is only a matter of time.

The stock split was performed on July 15, 2019.They increased the number of available ordinary shares from four billion to 32 billion.The value of the total shares remained the same as a shareholder who held one share wound up with eight.

The stock split was a way for the company to raise capital for growth and increase the number of shares sold.The stock split was supported by shareholders at the annual general meeting.

At the same time of the stock split, the company launched a secondary listing on the Hong Kong exchange.The company offered 500 million new shares in China.Diluted shares can bring down the overall earnings per share for each investor.

The Hong Kong IPO raised enough money to keep the largest IPO listing of 2019.American investors didn't know about the stock split because of the secondary listing.

China state TV reports that the company is being investigated on suspicion of monopoly.The State Administration for Market Regulation stated that theAlibaba Group is under investigation.The $BABA is from the title of the film.

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