A broken light bulb needs to be removed.

It's difficult to remove broken light bulbs from a stubborn sockets.Rather than calling in for help, you can remove the bulb on your own using a few different household items.You'll be broken-bulb free in no time with a few precautions taken.

Step 1: Turn off the power.

The first thing to do if you want to remove a broken lightbulb is to make sure that it isn't connected to the power.Turn off the breaker in your box when you get to the room where the broken bulb is located.

Step 2: Take the power and see what you can get.

It is best to double when working with electricity.Before starting a project, check your power source.Start by turning on/off the light in the room.If the only bulb in the room is broken, it might not be an indicator of power, so you should check the power with a non-contact voltage detector.

Step 3: Get some safety gear.

You should always wear rubber gloves when working with broken glass or electricity.You may want pliers with a rubber handle and a cloth to grab broken glass.

Step 4: You can try using needle-nose pliers.

The easiest way to remove and clean a broken lightbulb is with a pair of needle-nose pliers.The pliers can be used to twist the metal part of the bulb.The metal may tear off in strips, but this should make it easier to pull out.If the broken glass is still attached to the bulb, you can use the pliers to remove it or keep your hands away from it.

Step 5: Duct tape is a good way to use.

You use duct tape for everything, right?Cut a long piece of duct tape, roll it back on itself, and voila, you have a sticky mess about the size of a broken light bulb.Apply a bit of pressure on the bulb and then turn it clockwise.While giving you a better grip on trying to pry out the metal bottom half, any remaining glass should stick to the tape.

Step 6: The bar of soap should be dry.

The easiest way to remove a broken light bulb is with the use of soap.If you push the soap up into the broken bulb, it will cause the glass to stick in it and give you a way to twist the base.The soap/bulb needs to be removed from the sockets.After taking out the glass, you may need to wipe soap off your face.

Step 7: You can try using a potato.

The old house wive used a potato to pick up broken glass.Stick the raw side of the potato into the broken light bulb.The jagged edges of the potato prevent it from cutting you.The bulb needs to be removed from the sockets.When finished, you may have to wipe up any potato juice left behind with a dry towel.

Step 8: Take a piece of cork.

If you have a large piece of cork on hand, you can use it to remove your broken light bulb.Put pressure on the cork so that the rough edges of the bulb stick to it.Simply remove the bulb by twisting the cork base in a clockwise direction until it pops out.