A brooch is a piece of jewelry.

The brooches are reminiscent of classic style but also distinctly modern.It can be expensive to have a brooch.You can cut the cost by making your own brooch.You can use felted wool, beads, or crystals to make a brooch.

Step 1: Draw the shape of your brooch on felt.

Use felt that matched your items to make them less visible, or use a basic background color, such as black or grey.You can draw any shape you want for your brooch.The shape should be 1.5 in across.You can use a template.For example, you could make a circle that is 1.5in in diameter, a triangle with 1.5 in sides, or a rectangular shape.

Step 2: You can cut out the felt piece with scissors.

Cut along the lines after you traced the shape onto your felt.Cut slowly so that you don't create jagged edges.

Step 3: Take the items you want and put them on your brooch.

You can decorate your brooch with beads, crystals, rhinestones, buttons, and other items.If you want to attach the items to your felt piece, you need to use enough items so that they will completely cover the felt.This will allow you to play with the positioning of the items.Add another row of a different type of bead or gem next to the brooch if you want to highlight it.As you move towards the center, keep alternating or adding new items.If you want to use a large gem or bead as a focal point, place it in the center and surround it with gems or beads that complement it.

Step 4: Attach the items to the brooch using a hot glue gun.

Allow the hot glue gun to warm up for 10 to 15 minutes.Glue your items into place once you are happy with the arrangement.Pick up a piece, apply a dot of glue and press it onto it.Continue until all of your items are attached.Don't touch the hot glue with your fingers.If the glue gets on your skin, it will burn you.If you don't want to use hot glue, you can apply fabric glue to attach the items and then let the brooch dry.

Step 5: Put a brooch pin on the back.

Turn the glue over when you are done attaching the items to the brooch.Press a brooch pin closure onto the glue after applying a couple of dots of hot glue to the center of the brooch back.For a good bond, hold the pin in place for a few seconds.Allow the pin to dry overnight if you use fabric glue.Your brooch is ready to wear after the glue has dried.

Step 6: Purchase felting wool in a wide range of colors.

You can buy felting wool at a craft supply store.Purchase a few colors that complement each other.Regular wool is not felted.It will come in bunches.

Step 7: The wool was wet using soap and water.

Add a squirt of hand soap to the plastic bucket or bowl by filling it with warm water.Pull the wool gently while it is in the soapy water.The wool has felted when you can't stretch it anymore.It should take about 15 minutes.

Step 8: The wool should be washed with water to remove soap.

Run water to rinse the wool out.To get rid of excess water, squeeze out the fabric.

Step 9: The felt pieces should be dry.

The pieces should be placed on a towel on the countertop or shelf where they won't be disturbed by pets or children.The felt pieces will take 8 hours to dry.When they're completely dry, they should feel soft to the touch.

Step 10: The felt pieces should be Layer as you wish.

You can arrange the pieces as you please.If you want the layers to be visible, place the smaller ones on top of the larger ones.

Step 11: Put the pieces together.

You can thread a needle with a matching thread and use it to sew through the center of the pieces you want to layer together.Stitch through all of the layers several times to make sure they are securely attached, then tie a knot on the brooch's back side.One way to attach the pieces together is to fold each piece in half and then fold it in the other direction so that it is the same size as the original.The corner of the piece should be sewed onto the open piece.This will create a 3-D felt flower.

Step 12: The brooch has buttons, beads, and gems.

Extra felted wool can be used to make balls.A bead or button is the center of a flower.Don't forget to glue or sew on a safety pin or brooch pin.You need to be able to put it on.

Step 13: You should cut your rickrack.

When you get to 12 loops on the top edge of the rickrack, count from the end.The rickrack should be cut through the next loop.It's best to use a wide rickrack.rickrack is about the width of your thumbTo cut the rickrack, use a pair of sharp fabric scissors.

Step 14: Put the rickrack under it by folding 0.25 in (0.64 cm) of it.

To tie a knot, thread a needle with about 30 cm of thread.Attach the needle through both layers by folding over the rickrack.Pull the end of the rickrack until the thread is taut.The raw edge of the rickrack should be facing away from you when you tack it down.

Step 15: The loops should be sewn together across the bottom of the rickrack.

To insert the needle through the first two loops, use your fingers.The thread needs to be pulled taut.To layer it over the last 2 you sewed through, pull the needle through the next loop.The loops should fold like an accordion, with your needle going in and out of each lower point.

Step 16: The raw edge of the rickrack should be hid by tacking down the end.

When you're done sewing through the bottom loops, fold the end of the rickrack under and sew through it to tack it down.Pull the thread taut to pull the rickrack together.If you have more sewing to do, don't tie a knot in the end of the thread.

Step 17: The end of your rickrack should be connected to the first loops.

The fabric in the circle should look like a flower.To tighten the rickrack, pull the thread taut.Don't tie it off yet, but hold the thread taut with your fingers.

Step 18: The corners of the rickrack have been Stitched.

To secure the pieces together more firmly, sew back and forth across the rickrack circle.If you sew on the back side of your rickrack flower, the stitches won't be visible.It is possible to make the flower stronger by sewing across the center.It will make your finished brooch look better.

Step 19: The rickrack has a button in a different color.

It should be put in the center of the rickrack flower.Cut 0.25 in (0.64 cm) from the knot by tying off the thread on the back of the brooch.A button or bead will stand out from the rickrack.Adding a pink or yellow button to the center of a purple rickrack flower is an example.

Step 20: To make a felt circle, cut out a 1 in diameter circle.

The base of your brooch will be here.The rickrack flower can be sewed onto the felt circle.Choose a felt color that matches the rickrack, such as red for red or blue for blue.To cut out the felt circle, use a pair of fabric scissors.

Step 21: You can glue the felt circle onto the pin.

Hot glue can be used to attach the brooch pin to the felt base, or you can thread a needle and sew through the openings.If you are using hot glue, press the flower onto the felt circle and hold it there for about 15 seconds.The pin should be placed near the top of the circle.When you are wearing it, sewing it in the middle will cause it to fall off.If you get hot glue on your skin, it will burn you.