A/C off due to high engine temp and weird fan noise.

When the car comes on the fans are at a high speed, the temperature of the vehicle never moves.Please, I need hellpppp.

You meant the temperature coolant sensor.If the hoses are hot, touch and let go.If you step out of the car, you can see if the temperature is coming down.A blown headgasket is a bigger problem.

Probably thermostat.Mines did the same thing.The thermostat problem went away after the dealer changed it.

I had the same problem this morning.It wasn't low.I was trying to warm my car.The engine did not show signs of overheating.The hand is cold.It was pretty sure that it went out.

I have a 2012 chevy impala 3.6 and I want to change the mostane but I don't know what else to do.

I have a 2012 chevy impala 3.6 and it still gets hot even after I change the thermostat.

I brought my impala to the mechanic, he checked the temp on the computer, but it was only 180 days before the light came on again.

I have a car that has over 131,000 miles on it.In addition to the engine light coming on, I had this problem as well.The oil pressure sensor was causing the engine light to go off, and the thermostat was a bad one.That seemed to fix it.The message and light came back on two weeks later.I'm going to take it back to the dealer and see what people think.

I received the same warning on my wife's car.She brought the car in to get the diagnostic done.This warning will be displayed if the engine doesn't maintain specific temp parameters.Even though the warning says the engine is hot, it's not because the thermostat is stuck open.In my case, I replaced the thermostat in 20 minutes.After letting the car run for about two minutes, the cabin air was warm and the temp gauge started to move as the engine reached normal operating temp.There are things that can go wrong, but my favorite mechanic is Adam.The problem was solved after I started with the thermostat.

My question is... can I still drive it?It is a cold morning and I need to get to work, but the engine is hot and the a/c is off.The impala was mined in 2011.

My heat went out in my impala and now there are lights on the traction, shift, and passenger side that don't work.Thanks in advance.

The plug up to cooling sencer is the most common problem.They are very delicate.You should check to see if the red end is still on when you plug them in.If you don't replace the plug up.

When it was low on coolant, I connected my odb2 and erased the evap can code, but nothing else showed up.About 250 miles were driven after it happened 4 days later.I ran late to work and jumped in and drove 80 mph.There was no new code.The temp is running normal again after I connected my odb2 and erased the codes.When I start my impala, I can hear one of the pumps making noise.I think it is throwing me that code because of the cold start.Maybe a water pump.After removing the code, the thermostat will read normal.It isn't the thermostat.Changing the antifreeze is not going to help.I think it has to be a computer issue.I know of a shop that will do a diagnostic on it for $60.It's a lot deeper than having autozone run a odb2 on it.I will have them check after Christmas to make sure I am not spending money on parts I don't need.If there is no water in the oil, it is a blown head gasket, and if you have a leak, you need a new radiator.Stop leak is when you have a pin hole leak.I bet on a sensor.My heat is running in the morning and it only happens when it is 40 degrees outside.Before you replace your thermostat, you should erase the code to see if it's working.

I checked my codes again and it passed, but I then checked pending codes and got a p0128 which most people online were saying was a thermostat.I just finished installing a fail safe that I bought for 30 dollars.I am in the middle of bleeding the lines and cranking it up to 2500rpm.Allow it to run at normal temperature and let it cool off for another top off.I drained the system because I am not sure if it has ever been done.I hope I don't see the engine hot warning again.The p0128 was under pending codes and never showed up before yesterday.Unplugging the battery will reset the computer without a code reader.The battery is a few months old.Changing it was a plus because it looked gross.It sounded better when I started it.Changing the temperature sensor looks like a lot of work.I will update in a few moments.

It has been about a week since I changed the thermostat and I think it has to do with the orange antifreeze they recommend I use.

For the past couple of years, I have had a problem with my 2010 Chevy impala.Changing the temp coolant sensor didn't help.There is a problem with mine.I'll be having a problem for a couple of days and then I will notice my temp gauge is working and it doesn't say engine hot a/c off anymore.I read on the net that a person thought that there might be something to it and I think he's right.When the weather suddenly gets cold or rainy, it has to have something to do with this problem.It's hard to thaw my car windows when this happens.Does any of this bother anyone out there??

After changing the temperature sensor 3 times over 8 months, I changed the thermostat and it seems to have solved the problem.I think changing the thermostat and temperature sensor at the same time will fix your issue if someone gets this message.

The "temp switch" on the block heater cord was replaced with a normal plug.I was able to get that code.The engine shuts off the gage to protect it from going off scale because it sees the engine is hotter than it should be.It thought it was due to an emissions standard.

I had a similar situation with my car.When I was driving to work early on a cool and wet morning, I switched the climate control from cold to warm and when I reached my destination, my temperature gauge went flat to "C."When I shut the engine off, the fans were running so fast that I parked and stayed there for about 3 minutes.On my way home, the same thing happened.If you add your vehicle to your garage and then look for the part on Amazon it will show you the one that is right for your car, we replaced the Coolant Temperature Sensor with an ACDelco GM version.We noticed that my battery was shot after the swap because the fans were running so hard.After resetting the codes, I had to jump the car and take it for a spin.The temperature gauge and fan were not accurate.The sensor was replaced a week ago and so far so good.

A quick reset of the computer will cure this issue.If your thermostat doesn't work after you disconnected your battery terminals, stick them back on and you'll be good to go.

It's possible to turn your heating and cooling system on and off at the same time while you're driving.I don't know why but that works on my car.

I had the same problem in my impala and malibu.The A/C would cut out if the malibu didn't have a specific warning.It was not fun in Texas.The Malibu was cured by a thermostat change.An inner rubber gasket in the thermostat was allowing warm water to flow and fooling the sensors into thinking it was overheating.I hope it works for the car.I've been doing a battery reset, but it's getting old.I noticed it happens more during cold weather.The engine temp sensor did not cure either car.

I unplugged the battery terminals and plugged them back, but the engine was hot and the Ac was not on, so I headed out for work.Thanks to guruhg7RQ

The car of 2010 is the Buick Lucerne.The engine is hot.Antifreeze was added.The message appeared again when you drove 400 miles.The anti freeze container was empty.After 9 miles, it happened a third time.There is no need to add anti-freeze.The engine feels good.Two years ago, the thermostat was changed.

The Chevy impala is overheating.The thermostat was replaced.There were no leaks, the pressure was checked.When the ac was on, it would shut itself off and turn on again when the car started to drive.A compressor made a noise.My ac system was changed.The compressor sounds better after being filled with freon.When it is hot, the ac is still on, but the temp gauge doesn't say the car is overheating.When stop and go traffic, Ac shuts off.Maybe replace the temperature sensor.Is there any suggestions or help?

If I stop at a light my car will start to get hot and my a/c will shut off, but it will only blow cold if I am driving.

The flap that opens and closes between a/c and heat is the answer to the cars that are blowing cold when you stop.

The car ran fine until I turned on the rear defroster and it pulled up the ac off the engine, I assume that the thermostat has a short somewhere in it.

I have a 2006 impala and the code engine hot a/c off has come on twice now the first time it happened and I thought I might as well try it cause it don't cost me nothing.I was going to have to call into work and tell them I couldn't make it in but it took me 5 minutes to get back on the positive battery terminal and walla and I made it to work on time.I had an error engine hot ac off and my dial for hot and cold was stuck on the thermostat, so I unhooked my battery terminal and walla it worked again.I thought I would share it because it was a blessing for me.

This is only done in the winter.It's so frustrating.The temp sensor didn't help.I think I'll try the thermostat.

Same thing this year.I drove a car that had an engine hot a/c off.I parked, waited a couple hours, and had nothing.After waiting a few minutes, I took the battery cable off.The computer was tricked.When I put the cables back on, I had to jump.It took just a minute for me to jump after it killed my battery.I'll do the cables again tomorrow, but I won't get it to my mechanic until next week.The a/c stopped working after I got a mechanic to fix the hot air coming out on the driver side of the car.He said the flap was malfunctioning and that it had 2 blowers.Good luck to us all.Computers can be used for birds.

My car barely started after I got off work and went to the grocery store but my fans came on and kept on going.

When the car comes on the fans are at a high speed, the temperature is still nothing.

I own a Chevy impala.The code came on saying the engine hot ac was off.There was a reddish sludge build up in the cap when I opened it.I want to get rid of some things.

Engine hot, a/c off was what I heard on the dash.My temp gauge won't move from C because the ac shuts off automatically.

The engine hot a/c off light goes on as soon as I turn the car on, the Temp gauge stays in the cold position, and the engine sounds fine.It is in 30's here.