A cat can be restrained.

It may be necessary for you to restrain your cat.If your cat is used to being handled, then it shouldn't be a problem.Special techniques will need to be used if the cat is upset, angry, hurt or sick.To ensure that both you and the cat are kept safe and sound throughout the process.

Step 1: Do you know how much restraint is needed?

The best way to avoid upsetting the cat is to use the least amount of restraint you can.If you can pick up your cat and move it away from a bad situation, you should do that.

Step 2: The cat needs to be scruffed.

For quick painless procedures, such as giving a pill or drops in the ear, the cat's scruff can be used.If you don't attempt to lift the cat by the scruff, it is a perfectly acceptable means of restraint.The technique should only be used when the cat is resting on a flat surface.The loose skin on the back of the neck can be used to restrain a cat.The scruff of the cat's neck should be grasped in a firm grip by using your dominant hand.It is thought that this will calm a cat if it isn't too upset.You can lay the cat on its side by grabbing the rear legs with your other hand while holding the scruff.If you want to stretch the cat out, place your index finger between the legs.The front feet will often grab onto the edge of what the cat is sitting on.Don't lift a cat by the scruff.The cat cannot hold a full grown cat's body weight.

Step 3: The harness is on the cat.

When the cat is trying to get away from you, a harness can be used.When light restraint is needed, a properly fitted harness will give you a good handle on the cat.A harness is better than a collar as it can hurt the neck or strangle a cat.You can make a harness out of a leash for your cat.

Step 4: The equipment should be gathered.

You will need some equipment to restrain a cat.There are different muzzles for dogs and cats.They are usually a muzzle with straps behind the ears that keep the cat from seeing.Cats can be kept tightly bound by using thick bath-sized towels.

Step 5: Place a muzzle on a cat.

A muzzle is used to keep a cat quiet so it can't find its target.These are put on over the nose and face with a strap and then fitted behind the ear using a plastic snap.Unless it is restrained, a cat can still bite through this muzzle and still use its feet and claws.These are only meant to be used for a short time to accomplish procedures, such as nail trims or a quick grooming, that take less than 10 minutes to complete.A muzzle is not an appropriate device if you need to access the mouth, look at the eyes, or take eye medication.If the cat has breathing problems, don't use a muzzle.It is best not to use a muzzle onquished face cats as they can have breathing difficulties.If the cat has breathing problems, remove the muzzle and watch that it doesn't bite you.

Step 6: The cat can be restrained with a towel.

Place the towel on a table or counter-top.Put the cat in the center of the towel, with the length of its body parallel to the shorter towel.Pull one end of the towel up over the cat until it reaches the other side of its body, and apply moderately firm pressure to it to make it snug.Make a kitty burrito out of the cat by folding over the other side.The sides should be pulled up so the cat can't pull its legs out of the towel.The scruff technique can be used to hold the cat in place.A cat can still use its teeth in this position.You can keep your hands away from the cat's mouth if you place a hand behind its head.Combining a muzzle with a thick towel is a good way to control a cat.

Step 7: A cat is in an emergency situation.

When a cat is angry or hurt, you may need to pick it up.Throw a thick towel or blanket over the cat.Place the cat into a carrier by grabbing it and covering it with material from the sides.If you are bitten by a cat, you need to be very safe.

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