A cat is being groomed.

Siamese cats are easy to groom due to their short coats and friendly personality.There are still some grooming needs that need to be met to keep the cat happy.Add these easy tasks to your schedule after learning the basics of grooming Siamese cats.

Step 1: You should brush the cat's coat weekly.

With their short hair, Siamese don't need a lot of work to keep their coats looking good.A quick weekly brushing can help remove hair from the coat.To have a successful brushing session, use a gentle brush or comb.You don't need much to brush a Siamese's coat.Smaller rubber brushes are recommended by many breed aficionados.Use brushes with care.It's a good idea to brush in the direction of hair growth.The cat doesn't like going against the grain.Slowly, work through one section of the cat's body.Remove dead hair from the brush.Next, wipe the cat's coat with a soft towel.

Step 2: The cat's nails must be trimmed every 10 days.

All cats need nail maintenance to keep their nails healthy.If this is your first time trimming a cat's nails, you should read the guide on WikiHow.Use a sharp set of human nail clippers or guillotine-style veterinary clippers.The process can be uncomfortable if the blades are dull.Hold the cat in your lap and squeeze its toe to get it to extend its claw.The tip of the nail needs to be cut.There is a pink park at the base of the nail.It is very painful to cut through it and can lead to bleeding.Many owners clip the rear claws less frequently than the front ones because cats don't use them for scratching.

Step 3: If you can, brush the cat's teeth daily.

It is easy to forget that a cat's teeth need to be brushed at least once a day.If you can't keep this schedule, brushing weekly or even monthly is better than nothing.Use specially-formulated toothpaste from the pet store to brush your cat's teeth.It can make your cat sick.If you want to get your cat used to having its teeth cleaned by wiping a little of the toothpaste on your finger, you need to teach it how to do it.Before your first brushing, do this for a few days.To apply paste to the cat's teeth, use a toothbrush with bristles.You need to get the teeth at the back of the mouth.If brushing gets uncomfortable, give the cat a short break.

Step 4: Yearly or bi-yearly schedule vet visits.

Visits to the vet can affect the way you groom your cat.Your cat's grooming needs can be changed by diseases that the vet can catch early on.Pets can recommend grooming techniques and resources to help keep your Siamese happy.The schedule you use for taking your cat to the vet depends on its current health situation.The age of your cat affects its vet schedule.Visits are more often as age-related health problems develop.

Step 5: Maintaining oral health requires regular dental cleanings.

Cats sometimes need to visit the dentist to have their teeth cleaned.You'll be able to use a toothbrush and paste to clean your Siamese's mouth, but veterinary dentists have access to more advanced techniques.The schedule for dental cleanings depends on the health of your cat's teeth.Cats need cleanings at around one year of age.If the cat's teeth are healthy, most vets recommend cleanings every few years.Cleanings can be needed as often as two or three times a year.

Step 6: You can offer your Siamese small treats after grooming sessions.

Most grooming tasks are unpleasant for the cat.This can cause the cat to struggle.The grooming process can be associated with positive feelings if you give the cat a treat.Your cat may begin to look forward to being groomed if you are consistent with your treat-giving.Siamese cats like the same things as other cats.Offer small pieces of cheese, cooked tuna, chicken or catnip as rewards.Cats shouldn't get more than 10% of their calories from treats.

Step 7: If your cat resists grooming, use calming strategies.

If your cat can't seem to relax as it's being groomed, you may want to rethink how and when you are grooming it.If your cat has low energy before bed or when it's tired out, you can groom it.As you groom your cat, talk to it in a calm voice.Give your cat a break if it is affectionate.Work quickly but gently if it isn't.Look at your cat's body language.The area you're grooming may be sensitive if you notice your cat pinning its ears back.

Step 8: Your cat's nails should be trimmed by a professional.

The consequences of messing up a cat's nails can be very painful, so many owners opt to have an expert do it.Cats will be accepted by most pet groomers.Sometimes veterinarians will do this for free.

Step 9: If your cat doesn't like a toothbrush, wrap a finger in a towel.

Some cats don't like having a toothbrush in their mouths.If you don't want to use a toothbrush, you can apply a bit of cloth or a rag to your finger.Carefully scrub around the cat's teeth, paying special attention to the teeth at the back and sides of the mouth.To get your finger into the cat's mouth, slowly and gently, you need to go as quickly as possible.

Step 10: For oral health help, look for food and water Additives.

Special foods designed to clean its teeth are one way to keep your cat's mouth clean.If you talk to your vet, you can find these foods at pet stores, but make sure they are safe for your pet's diet.A good rule of thumb is to use products that have the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of approval on the packaging.

Step 11: If the cat is dirty, give it a bath.

Siamese cats do a good job of cleaning themselves.They may need a little help when they're dirty or sticky.Use the calming techniques in the section above to get your cat into a mellow mood and make the bathing process as easy as possible.Put a rubber mat in the sink or tub to keep your cat safe.To wet your cat's fur, use a spray hose.Don't use spray on the eyes, ears, or face.To lather up your pet's fur, use a solution of one part pet wash to five parts water.Human hair can be hard on a cat's skin.To get rid of the shampoo, rinse well.Dry with a clean rag or towel.

Step 12: Work out matted hair.

Siamese cats don't get matted hair because of their short fur.It's nice to know how to get rid of the matted hair without hurting the cat.To gently tug at the mat, use the tips of a Greyhound comb.If you go, loosen the hair from the edge of the matted section to the center.Don't thrust the comb into the mat and pull it out.This can be very bad for your cat.If your pat becomes uncomfortable, give it a short break and get used to it again.

Step 13: The coat should be applied with a conditioner.

Siamese cats don't need a lot of work to keep their coats looking good.If you want your cat to look presentable, you can leave the coat with a warm, shiny finish.Rub it in with your hands or a towel if you follow the directions on the packaging.The cost of cat conditioners can be high.A small bottle can cost a lot.

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