A cat that is matted.

Cats want to groom themselves.Tough tangles can sometimes form in their coats.If your cat has mats in its fur, you need to remove them right away to keep it healthy.Your cat's skin or joints can be damaged from severe matting.Start by working out the mats with a comb.You will need to clip off the mats if this does not work.Sharing the burden of grooming with your cat is necessary to prevent mats from forming.

Step 1: Buy a spray for your cat.

Adding water to the mats can make them worse.If you want a cat-specific detangler, get it.There is a bit of this on the mats.The hair may be loosened by the product.Pets can be purchased at your local pet supply store or online.Don't use a product meant for humans on your cat.

Step 2: Use a dematting or wide-toothed comb.

It is a good idea to buy a comb that is designed to get mats out of coats.The metal comb has a bit of space between the teeth.The tools give you the best chance of getting the mats untangled.Online or at your local pet supply store, barber combs with sharp razor blades should be used to cut through matted fur.The blade may cause thin or bald patches on normal fur, so these should only be used on matted areas.

Step 3: The base of the mat is in your hands.

When your hair is tangled, brushing can hurt.Hold the mat in one hand and comb with the other.

Step 4: You can start at the end of the mat and work your way back.

To work out the mat, use the wide-toothed comb.Make small strokes.Once you have untangled a small section at the bottom, you can work out the next part of the tangle.

Step 5: Pull the cat's skin.

If you notice that your cat's skin is moving a bit, you should use clippers.Listen to the sounds of your cat.If it is upset, a screech or cry could be a sign that you are hurting it.If your cat is upset about being groomed, stop and give it a break.Wait a few hours before trying again or shaving.

Step 6: Pull your cat's scruff gently.

Put your cat on a surface that is stable.If you want your cat to be as calm as possible, speak to it in soothing tones.Take the loose skin at the back of your cat's neck and tighten your grip.The ears should move back and forth when you close your hand.The grip should help keep your cat from biting or scratching you.If you want to clip your cat, don't lift it by the scruff.

Step 7: Attach the fur to the clip.

Move the clippers in the same direction as your cat's fur.Don't use pressure.Cut the fur off your cat's coat with clippers.

Step 8: It's a good idea to check the clippers' temperature frequently.

You don't want your cat to be burned by the clippers.Put your hand on the blade whenever you turn off the clippers.It is too hot for your cat.Wait until the clippers cool down.clipper oil or spray can be used to keep the blades cool.When you feel the blades begin to heat up, spray them and wipe them dry.

Step 9: Don't shave all the way down to the skin.

You don't need to remove the mats.As soon as you see fur that is untangled, stop shaving.This will make sure that you don't hurt your cat with the clippers.After you have shaved off the worst of the matting, comb out your cat's coat again.The mats may stick to your cat's skin.Bring your cat to the vet if this is the case.Your cat can be given a close shave without hurting it.

Step 10: Visit a professional to have the mats shaved off.

If your cat attacks you when you try to shave it, call your vet.They may ask you to have your cat shaved.You might be told to visit a professional hairdresser.Cats can be shaved without hurting them, and both vets and groomers have been trained to do it.This will be more expensive than doing it on your own, but it is the safest option for your pet.The vet can safely shave off the mats if the cat becomes upset, angry, or aggressive.

Step 11: Scissors are not a good way to cut mats.

Cats are injured when their owners use scissors to clip them.Purchase some pet clippers if you don't already have a pair.Choose clippers that are specifically made for pets.Pet clippers can be purchased at your local pet supply store.If you want a basic clipper, you should be able to find it for about $30USD.

Step 12: You should check your cat's coat regularly.

Run your hand over your cat's coat at least once a week.If your cat can't work out clumps of fur, look for it.The chance to check for other signs of health problems will be given by this.Your cat may have a small injury, abscess, tumor, or parasites.The earlier you find these problems, the better.

Step 13: You should brush your cat's fur frequently.

Regular grooming is important for both longhaired and shorthaired cats.If you have a longhaired cat, you should brush it at least once a day.You should brush your cat at least once a week.The fur should be brushed with the direction of it.You can use a comb that is specifically made for your cat.Longhaired cats need a comb with longer teeth that can reach into their deep fur coats.

Step 14: As soon as you find them, brush them out.

If you check your cat weekly, you should find mats before they get so bad that they need to be clipped off.Don't wait for them to get worse.If you have to clip your cat again, you don't want that.

Step 15: You should visit the vet to make sure you are grooming properly.

Your cat needs an annual checkup.Ask your vet how your cat's coat looks.They will tell you if you should use a different comb or brush more frequently.

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