A CD or DVD is not good to destroy.

There are CD's that have personal information on them.There are security reasons for destruction of the discs.The article will help you if you have CD's or DVD'S to destroy.

Step 1: Pull up and fold.

Wrap the discs in plastic and fold them.

Step 2: The discs should be shredded with a shredder.

Step 3: The discs need to be cut

You can use a pair of scissors, but be careful.

Step 4: Break the discs again.

Wrap the discs with a towel and use a kick or hammer to destroy them.The towel is used to protect you.

Step 5: You can cut the discs with a knife.

Step 6: punch the discs with a center punch.

There should be at least 12 holes on the discs.

Step 7: The discs will be microwaved.

Place the disc in a microwave and watch for sparks.The microwave can't be used for food after that.When doing this step, use adult supervision.

Step 8: A blow torch can be used to melt discs.

Use proper safety gear in a safe area.The ground on which the CDs sit should be fireproof.

Step 9: If the computer has a CD-RW drive, wipe the discs from it.

Step 10: Remove the disc with duct tape.

This doesn't work on all discs.

Step 11: Take the discs and sand them.

The top side of the disc has a belt sander on it.This should be done in a clean area.

Step 12: To wipe, use acetone.

After soaking a cotton pad in acetone, wipe the bottom of the disc with it.It should be unreadable.

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