A character sketch of the grandmother is provided in "The Portrait of a Lady."

If(k.className)("ins"), k, j, and d are used.

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A detailed explanation of the lesson along with the meanings of difficult words is included in The Portrait of a Lady.

The summary of the lesson is followed by the explanation.The questions and answers given at the back of the lesson have been covered.There is a test for Class 11.

The story of the author is called The Portrait of a Lady.He talked about his relationship with his grandmother.She evolved as a character as time went by.She helps create an image in the reader's mind.

The story of the author and his grandmother is told in the chapter The Portrait of a Lady.The old woman had a wrinkled face.For the past twenty years, the author had seen her like this.He could not imagine her being young and pretty because she was so old.She was short and fat.An old man with a turban and a long white beard is depicted in a portrait by the author.To the author, his grandfather didn't seem like a man who could have a wife and children, but a lot of grandchildren.His grandmother used to move around the house with one hand resting on her waist and the other hand counting the beads of her rosary.

The author and his grandmother had a good relationship.She used to wake him up.She used to walk him to school every day.The temple was attached to the school.She read the scriptures every day.The author and other children sat on the verandah singing and praying.They used to come back home with stray dogs and his grandmother would feed them with chapattis.

The author's parents called them after they settled in the city.His relationship with his grandmother took a turn as they reached the city.There was a bond that grew apart even though they shared a room.He started going to an English medium school, she no longer accompanied him to his school and there were no stray dogs around them.She used to ask him what he had learned.She couldn't understand everything because it was in another language.She didn't approve of the new syllabus that he was studying because she thought they did not teach him about God and the scriptures.They didn't see as much of each other.

He went to the university as he grew older.Their relationship soured because he had his own room.She spent her entire day sitting at a spinning wheel and praying with one hand.She liked to feed sparrows in the verandah at dawn.She breaks bread into pieces and feeds it to the birds.The birds sat on her legs, head, and shoulders.

The author decided to study abroad.She left him at the railway station.She kissed him on the forehead because she was not sentimental and she lost her mind in the prayers.She was still the same person she was five years ago when she picked him up at the station.She held him in her arms and didn't say a word.She used to give her sparrows food.

She didn't recite her prayers but instead collected the women of the neighbourhood and started singing.She was ill the next day.The doctor said there was nothing to worry about, but she was certain that her end was near.

She spent her last hours laying on the bed praying because she didn't want to waste her time talking to anyone.Her lifeless body lay on the bed.They saw the sparrows mourning her death as they prepared for her funeral.

My grandmother was an old woman.I had known her for twenty years and she was old and wrinkled.It was hard to believe that she had once been young and pretty and had a husband.There was a portrait above the mantelpiece.He had a turban and loose-fitting clothes.He had a long, white beard and looked at least a hundred years old.He didn't look like a person who would have a wife or children.He looked like he could only have a limited number of children.The thought of my grandmother being young and pretty was revolting.She used to play games when she was a child.We treated it like the fables of the Prophets she used to tell us.

A picture mantelpiece is a structure of wood, marble, or stone above and around a fireplace.It was hard for the author to believe Revolting was unpleasant Absurd and disrespectful.

The author talked about his grandmother.She had been with him for twenty years and was always old and wrinkled.She was told that she had a husband when she was young.The portrait of his grandfather was on the wall and he had a beard that reached his chest.

The author thought that he was someone who could have many grandchildren but not a wife or children.The author couldn't believe that his grandmother was young and pretty.He couldn't connect to this idea.

She would tell him and his cousins about the games she used to play as a child.It was beyond their imagination to think that grandmother played these games when she was a child.

She had always been short and fat.She had a criss-cross of wrinkling on her face.We were certain that she had always been the same person.She was so old that she couldn't have grown older and stayed the same age for twenty years.She was always beautiful.She hobbled about the house with one hand resting on her waist and the other telling the beads of her rosary.Her hair was spread over her face and her lips were moving in prayer.She was beautiful.She was like the winter landscape in the mountains, an expanse of pure white tranquility.

She wore clean, white dresses and a string of beads for keeping count of the number of chants made of a religious prayer.

His grandmother was fat, short and had a lot of wrinkling on her face.She had been the same for twenty years.She was not pretty according to the author.

She walked around the house in a weird way, wearing white clothes with beads of the rosary hanging from one hand and the other resting on her back.She had disorganized hair which was not neatly combed.She was chanting.She is compared to the winter landscape in the mountains which is peaceful and calm.She was an example of a pure, white, peace - emitting entity.

We were good friends.We were always together when my parents went to live in the city.She used to wake me up in the morning to get me ready for school.I listened because I loved her voice but never bothered to learn it, she said her morning prayer in a sing-song while she bathed and dressed me in the hope that I would listen and get to know it by heart.She would bring my slate, which she had already washed and plastered with yellow chalk, a red pen and a tiny ink-pot, and tie them all together in a bundle and give it to me.

We went to school after eating a chapatti with butter and sugar spread on it.She carried the old chapattis with her.

Monotonous, dull and boring Bothered, to be concerned, go for and then bring back something for someone Slate- a flat plate of slate formerly used for writing on in schools Plastered- covered with a layer of plaster Earthen- made of baked or fired clay Stale-

The author lived in the village.They were good friends.He was left with her by his parents.The author's grandmother used to wake him up and get him ready for school.He loved her voice but wouldn't memorize a word of what she said while she bathed and dressed him.She made his things look like a slate, an inkpot, and a red pen.He would eat a thick chapatti with butter and sugar.He used to walk to school with his grandmother, who fed the village dogs with old chapattis.

The school that my grandmother went to was attached to the temple.We were taught the alphabet and morning prayer by the priest.While the children sat in rows on either side of the verandah singing the alphabet or praying in a chorus, my grandmother sat inside reading the scriptures.When we were done, we would walk back together.The village dogs would meet us at the temple door.They fought with each other for the chapattis we threw to them.My parents sent for us when they were settled in the city.

That was a turning point in our friendship.My grandmother didn't come to school with me because we shared the same room.I used to attend an English school in a motor bus.She took to feeding sparrows in the courtyard of our city house because there were no dogs outside.

The sacred writings of a religion make a low guttural sound in the Courtyard verandah.

The temple was attached to the school and his grandmother used to visit it daily.He would sit on the verandah with other children and sing the alphabet and prayers in the chorus.She would sit in the temple to read the scriptures.They would return home together.

The village dogs went to the door.They fought each other for the old chapatis that she fed them.When his parents moved to the city, they called him.He had a friendship with his grandmother.She didn't give him company at his school because they shared the same room.A motor bus would pick him up and drop him off at his English medium school.She used to feed the dogs in the village.She started feeding the sparrows on the verandah.

We saw less of each other as the years went on.She woke me up and made me ready for school.She would ask me what the teacher had taught me.I would tell her about the law of gravity, the world being round, and other things.This made her sad.She couldn't help me with my lessons.She was upset that there was no teaching about God and the scriptures at the English school.We were going to be given music lessons.She was very upset.There were lewd associations to her music.It was not meant for gentle people.Her silence meant disapproval.

Lewd Association - Indecent or Obscene Harlots - Prostitutes Gentlefolk are people of noble birth.

The years in the city reduced their interaction.She would wake him up and get him ready for school.She would ask him what he had learned.She was unhappy with the scientific terminology and English words.She could not help him with the lessons because she did not know the language.She was sad that his new school didn't teach him about God or religious scriptures.She didn't approve of the education.She was disturbed by the fact that he was getting music lessons.She said that music was not for decent families and that it was an art for the beggars and prostitutes.She stopped talking to him because she didn't like that he was learning music.

I was given a room at University.The link of friendship was broken.Her seclusion was accepted by my grandmother.She didn't leave her wheel to talk to anyone.She sat by her wheel and prayed.She fed the sparrows in the afternoon.Hundreds of little birds gathered around her as she broke the bread in the verandah.There were people on her legs and shoulders.Some people sat on her head.She smiled but didn't shoo them away.It used to be her favorite half-hour of the day.

Snapped- break suddenly and completely Seclusion, the state of being private and away from the people accepted her seclusion with resignation, as she accepted the separation from her grandson without objection.

Veritable is used to describe something that is very interesting or unusual, such as the noise of a small bird, alight or rest on something Shooed.

The author had a room at university.His friendship with his grandmother ended when the common link of their friendship was changed.She spent her day spinning a wheel.She would silently recite her prayers from sunrise to sunset.She used to feed sparrows in the afternoon.She would break the bread into small pieces and feed the birds.The birds gathered around her, some sat near her and some on her shoulders and head.She smiled even though she never shooed them.She was happy for half an hour.

I was certain my grandmother would be upset when I went abroad for further studies.I would be away for five years and she wouldn't know.My grandmother could.She wasn't sentimental.She did not show any emotion when she left me at the railway station.Her mind was lost in prayer as she moved her lips.The beads of her rosaries were being told by her fingers.When I left she kissed my forehead and left a moist mark.But that wasn't true.I came back home after five years and met her at the station.She looked the same as a day older.I could hear her praying while she clasped me in her arms.On the first day of my arrival, her happiest moments were with her sparrows, who she fed longer and with frivolous rebukes.

A bead is a small piece of glass or stone threaded with others to make a necklace.

The author thought it would be the last time he would see her as he'd be gone for five years.She kissed his forehead as they arrived at the station.He thought it was the end of their relationship.He loved the wet impression of her hand.She wasn't sentimental at all.She met him at the station when he came back after five years.She looked like she did five years ago.She held him in her arms and continued to pray.

A change occurred in the evening.She didn't pray.She got an old drum and started singing.She thumped the sagging skins of the dilapidated drum and sang the home-coming of warriors for several hours.We had to convince her to stop.It was the first time since I knew her that she didn't pray.She was taken ill the next day.The doctor told us that it would go away.My grandmother thought differently.She told us that her time was up.After only a few hours before the end of her life, she was not going to waste any more time talking to us.

The loose surface of the worn out drum Persuade can be used to talk someone into doing something.

She didn't follow her usual routine of praying.She got a drum and started singing with the women.She thumped the drum and sang.She might get ill due to exhaustation, so the family persuaded her to stop.She fell ill the next day.It was a mild case of the flu.She took it differently than the doctors told them.She said that she would die soon.She didn't want to waste her last hours talking to anyone so she started chanting prayers.

We protested.She didn't listen to our protests.She lay in bed and prayed.She stopped moving her lips and the rosary fell from her lifeless fingers.She was dead when a pallor spread on her face.

The family tried to stop her but she lay peacefully on her bed, chanting prayers and doing her beads.The rosary fell from her lifeless fingers when she stopped.She was dead after a pale appearance spread on her face.

We covered her with a red shroud after we lifted her off the bed.We left her alone to make arrangements for her funeral after a few hours of mourning.We took her to her room with a stretcher so she could be cremated.Her room and verandah were lit by a blaze of golden light as the sun set.We stopped in the courtyard.

Thousands of sparrows sat on the floor as she lay dead and stiff wrapped in a red shroud in her room.There was no noise.My mother brought some bread for the birds.She threw it to them in the way my grandmother used to.The sparrows didn't notice the bread.They flew away when we took my grandmother's corpse away.The bread crumbs were swept by the sweeper.

In a natural state, crude is roughly made Cremated, and a large burning fire Shroud is a piece of cloth used to wrap a dead person's corpse.

The family put her on the ground and wrapped her in a red cloth.Thousands of sparrows were near her.The author's mother got some bread for the birds, but they didn't eat it.The family carried the dead body.The crumbs were removed by the sweeper.The birds were very sensitive.They didn't want to eat bread because they were mourning the death of the person who had fed them.

1.Mention the three phases of the author's relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad.

The author had a relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad.

1.He used to live with her in the village when he was young.His grandmother used to wake him up.They would walk to school together.They had a good relationship.

2.The author and his grandmother moved to the city as the author's parents settled there.The turning point of their friendship was when they shared the same room.They saw less of each other now.

3.The author was given a room at the university.The common link between them snapped as their friendship bond was weakened.She kept the spinning wheel quiet and private.She was happy now because she would feed the sparrows once a day.

2.Mention three reasons why the author's grandmother was not happy with him.

They had a good friendship when the author lived in the village.She used to wake him up and accompany him to school.When they moved to the city, everything changed.There was a reason why the grandmother was disturbed.

1.She couldn't help him in his lessons.This became a problem for her as he went to the English medium school.

3.He was taking music lessons.She said that music was only for beggars.

His grandmother has changed a lot since he was a child.She spent her day at the spinning wheel, chanting prayers and feeding sparrows.

She did not pray the night before she died.She started singing home to the warriors with the help of the drum.She said her end was near when she fell ill the next morning.She was laying on her bed when she started praying.She didn't talk to anyone during her last hours.

The grandmother used to feed the sparrows in her verandah.She had a special relationship with them.Thousands of sparrows sat in a scattered way around her in the verandah when she died.There was complete silence as they didn't chirrup.The author's mother tried to feed them by breaking the bread.They did not eat anything.The family flew away after carrying the grandmother's corpse.

6.The author's grandmother was a religious person.We come to know this in many different ways.

She used to sing prayers and get the author ready each morning when they lived in the village.She used to visit the temple every day while walking to the author's school.She would sit and read.She carried the beads of the rosary with her all the time when they moved to the city.Her hand remained busy telling the beads as she continuously chanted her prayers.The author spent her entire day in prayer when she went to study at the university.

7.The relationship between the author and his grandmother has changed.Is their feelings for each other still the same?

They shared a good bond in the early days.She would accompany him to school and come back with him later in the day.She would help him with his studies and would teach him prayers every morning.They had a strained relationship when they moved to the city.He was going to an English medium school.She couldn't help him with the lessons or accompany him to the school.She didn't like his new school because they never taught him about God or scriptures.She didn't like it when he started taking music lessons because she thought it was only for people.She stopped talking to him after that and spent her day chanting prayers.

Their bond was weakened when the author went to university.She would chant her prayers while spinning the wheel.She accepted the isolation.

Their feelings for each other did not change but the distance between them did.

There are 8.Is the author's grandmother strong in character?Give instances that show this.

The grandmother was a strong person.There are instances to show this.

1.She had her own opinions on schools.She preferred learning scriptures over studying science or English.

3.In seclusion, the author would spin the wheel, chant prayers, tell beads, and feed bread crumbs to the sparrows.

4.She didn't stop singing when her family tried a million times.

5.She didn't want to waste any time talking to anyone so she lay on her bed and chanted her prayers until she died.

The author and his grandmother used to speak in their mother tongue.The author is from Punjab state and would speak in Punjabi language.

There are four different senses of the word tell.You can match the meanings to the uses listed.

I.The legs and feet are in bad shape so walking with difficulty is what the wordobble means.The manner of walking is referred to by the words in the box below.

The way of walking is referred to by the words shuffle, stride, waddle, swagger, and trudge.

If(k.className)("ins"), k, j, and d are used.

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