A Christmas tree can be made from a pallet.

You can give a Christmas tree made from a pallet as a gift or use it to decorate your home.It's cheap to make and can be completed in a few hours.After you cut the shape of your pallet tree, you can add finishing touches to it, and then it's a simple matter of deciding where this decoration will be best put to use. Step 1: Take care of your work area. You'll be cutting your pallet in the shape of a tree, so you may want to work outside.You could use a tarp to catch the shavings.You will also need a sturdy work surface.If you don't have a suitable work surface, you can make one by laying a flat board between two saw horses.There is a clear work area.When operating a saw, you don't want to trip.Don't keep unused tools, equipment, and wires in your work area. Step 2: Make sure you mark your tape lines. You will be using tape to cut the pallet.The top boards of the pallet should be oriented in a straight line.The board closest to you will be the bottom of the tree.On the inside of both 2x4 boards, mark your tape lines at the left and right sides of the tree.To the left and right of the middle, there is a 2x4 board. Step 3: Check for evenness after applying your tape. Two lines of tape are used for each set of marks.There is a piece of tape between the top and bottom marks on the right side.Take your tape measure and check the distance between the outer edge of the tape and the pallet.The outside pallet edge and tape edge should be the same distance. Step 4: Wear safety equipment. The cutting process can cause sawdust to become airborne and irritate your lungs and eyes.You should wear protective eye wear, like safety glasses and a dust mask.Wood can give you splinters or cause skin irritation.Gloves protect your hands. Step 5: Cut your pallet. You'll want to use an automated saw that can cut through the screws or nails that hold the pallet together.The inside of your tape line is where you want to cut it.Use firm, steady pressure to push your saw through the wood as it cuts, while holding the saw as level as possible.When cutting through a board and moving through the gaps between them, the resistance to your saw will be greater.You will only be cutting the top boards of your pallet at this point. Step 6: If it's applicable, cut the other side. It's time to cut the opposite side of your pallet after the top is cut.The cut side should be oriented downward when you flip the pallet.The back boards should be cut away by sawing them on both sides of the middle.Some pallets only have one set of running boards.You won't have to remove the reverse set of boards.When flipping a pallet, be careful.You may have created splinters or jarred pieces of wood during the cutting process.Once you've cut along the left side of the middle, you should be able to pull it free with your hands or a pry bar.The same thing should be done for the right side as well. Step 7: There is a pallet Christmas tree. In many cases, a quick hand sanding with a medium grit sandpaper, rated between 60 and 100, should take the roughness off your cut wood.The edges, burrs, and patches look splintery.The wood should be smooth and even.You can use an automated handheld sander to speed up the process."Make-a-Pallet- Christmas- Tree-Step-7Bullet1." is a small URL.If you're not careful, these can damage your sander.When you are done sanding, wipe the wood with a damp cloth and enjoy your Christmas tree. Step 8: You can paint your pallet tree. You can stain and seal the wood after the tree is sanded.Before painting, wipe the wood clean with a water rag and open a can of wood primer.It should be mixed according to its directions.Use long, smooth strokes with a clean paintbrush to apply several layers to the front of the tree.Allow the primer to dry.Open a can of wood paint and mix it with a paint stirrer.Remove excess paint from the inside lip of the can, then paint the front of your tree with long, even strokes. Step 9: If you want, you can add Christmas themed decorations. If you want your pallet tree to have a more festive appearance after your paint is dry, use decorations, like ornaments, ribbons, glitter, and more.Attaching these to your tree can be done with glue or tape.You can create the effect of snow on the branches of your pallet tree by dipping a sponge into a little bit of white paint.If you don't have the artistic skills to draw a design on a tree, you can use a stencil to apply it. Step 10: If you want, string up lights. A Christmas tree is incomplete without a strand of lights around it.Wrap a string of lights around the branches of your tree.Attach your lights to your tree if they don't hang easily.Sturdy tape and U-shaped tacks can be used to hold lights in place.To give your tree the most polished and authentic look, you may want to hide the front and back end of your string of lights. Step 11: If you want, you can mark leftover 2x4s to make a stand. When cutting the shape of your tree, you should have two leftover 2x4 boards.Measure and mark one long edge of each 2x4 board at its halfway point, then take these and use your hammer or pry bar to remove nails and any attached pieces of wood.Measure and mark a line that extends from the long edge to the short edge with an inch to either side of your halfway marks.Your halfway mark should be oriented upwards, so lay each board so they are upright on their long edge.The halfway point is between the long edges of the 2x4s.The mark will be at the short edge of the 2x4. Step 12: Attach the tree stand to the 2x4s. Use your saw to cut the 2x4s at the lines.The halfway point you marked between the opposing long edges of each 2x4 should be the deepest part of your notch.A weak joint between the boards of your stand could be caused by cutting deeper.Put the notch together to form an X-shape.Additional support for the 2x4s may be provided by using wood glue or a screw. Step 13: You can put Christmas cards on the tree. During the holiday season, you can get family photos and cards from your loved ones.If you don't have enough room to display your cards, you can use push pins or tacks to attach them to the pallet tree. Step 14: You can make a winter scene in your home. A single Christmas tree adds a special touch to the home during the holiday season.Adding a few pallet trees to the room your Christmas tree is in can make it look like a winter forest.To give your pallet trees a little more realism, you might want to drape them with similar accents to your living tree. Step 15: Difficult decorating locations can be added with holiday cheer. Some festive decorations, like a full sized Christmas tree or wreath, might take up too much space in the smaller rooms of your home.If you want to add holiday cheer to these rooms, you could use a homemade pallet tree.You might be hesitant to use decorations outside of your home because of the weather.Inexpensive to replace, pallet trees are excellent outdoor decorations. Step 16: The pallet trees can be used as the background. Children and adults alike put on live performances, sing in cantatas, and so on during the holiday season.The pallet trees could be used to create a holiday scene on stage.

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