A Classic White Christmas in the Movie "Holiday Inn" Holiday Inn (194) is a movie.

The musical film Holiday Inn was directed by Mark Sandrich and starred Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire."White Christmas" is the best known of the twelve songs written for the film.Berlin wrote the song "Easter Parade" for the Broadway show As Thousands Cheer.Danny Dare choreographed the film.[5]

The 1943 Academy Award for Best Original Song was given to "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin.[5]

A group of people in New York City have a musical act.Jim prepares for his final performance on Christmas Eve before retiring with his wife.Jim bids them farewell after she tells him she is in love with Ted.

The following Christmas Eve, Jim is back in New York City, with plans to turn his farm into an entertainment venue open only on holidays, to the amusement of Ted and his agent Danny Reed.Danny refers to Linda Mason as a performer at Ted's club.Linda pretends to be a celebrity friend of Ted's, but escapes when he and his wife approach.

Linda and Jim meet on Christmas Day at the Holiday Inn."White Christmas" is Jim's new song.

The Holiday Inn is open on New Year's Eve.Ted learns that Lila is moving to Texas.He arrived at the Holiday Inn at midnight and found Linda.Ted brings down the house after they dance.Danny is ecstatic that Ted has a new partner, but Ted doesn't remember Linda in the morning.Jim is afraid that Ted will steal Linda.

On Lincoln's Birthday, Ted and Danny search for Linda, but Jim runs a show called "Abraham" to foil them.While applying Linda's makeup, Jim asked her to stay with him between holidays, which she interprets as a proposal.Ted and Danny are going to return.

Jim presents Linda with a new song, "Be Careful, It's My Heart".Ted dances with Linda.Ted demanded that Jim prepare them a number to perform after recognizing her from New Year's Eve.

On Washington's Birthday, Ted and Linda perform in elaborate 18th century period costumes, while Jim sabotages their rhythm from a minuet to jazz every time they attempt to kiss.Linda said that she and Jim are going to be married.Jim plays it off when Ted asks about the marriage.

Jim and Linda are in love at Easter.Ted asked them to stay in Jim's shows to experience the true happiness they have found.Jim is suspicious of Linda.

On Independence Day, Jim overhears Ted and Danny discussing an offer from Hollywood representatives, who will use that night's show to try and get Linda and Ted into motion pictures.Jim hired a hand to stall Linda.Linda is picked up by a person.Linda was told by Lila that she will be Ted's partner at the studio tryout.Linda directs Lila into the creek if Jim arranged for her to take her place.

Ted was forced to make his own decisions at the inn.Linda arrived to find Ted had impressed the studio bosses.Linda left for Hollywood because Jim did not trust her to make her own decision.Jim agreed to let the producers make a film about Holiday Inn.

Jim was depressed when the inn was closed.He is going to mail a new song to Hollywood.His maid urged him to win Linda back.

Ted is getting ready to marry Linda as Jim arrives in California on Christmas Eve.Jim locked Ted inside his dressing room after confronting him.Jim hides as Linda performs "White Christmas" on the set of Linda's movie, a recreation of Holiday Inn.She stops and Jim's voice joins her.The director yells "cut!" as Linda runs to Jim.

At the Holiday Inn on New Year's Eve, Jim and Linda prepare for life together at the inn, while Ted is at home with his family.

In May 1940, Irving Berlin signed an exclusive contract with Paramount Pictures to write songs for a musical film based on his idea of an inn that opened only on public holidays.The stars of Holiday Inn were Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire.Between November 18, 1941 and January 30, 1942, filming took place.The premiere of Holiday Inn was held at the New York Paramount Theatre.The highest-grossing film musical to that time was in the US and the UK."Be Careful, It's My Heart" was expected to be the big song.It was "White Christmas" that topped the charts in October 1942 and stayed there for eleven weeks.Over the opening credits and within the film storyline, there is a Berlin song called "Happy Holiday".

The Village Inn Resort is located on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California.[7]

The film begins with shots of a calendar with a visual symbol of the holiday.An animated turkey is shown running back and forth between the third and fourth Thursdays, finally shrugging its shoulders in confusion.This is a reference to the "Franksgiving" controversy when President Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to expand the Christmas shopping season by declaring Thanksgiving a week earlier than before.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor happened halfway through filming.The patriotic number that highlights the strength of the US military was added to the Fourth of July segment.[8]

Berlin came up with the idea for the song "White Christmas" on the set of Top Hat in 1935.He hummed the melody to Astaire and the film's director Mark Sandrich as a song possibility for a future vehicle.Sandrich passed on the tune that Astaire loved.Berlin was asked to write a song about the major holidays of the year.His Jewish upbringing made it difficult for him to write a song about Christmas.When Crosby first heard Berlin play "White Christmas" in 1941, he didn't know its full potential.Crosby said "I don't think we have any problems with that one, Irving."

The original intention was not to make "White Christmas" an icon.When production of Holiday Inn began, the song "Be Careful, It's My Heart" was intended to be a bigger hit.

During the Christmas holiday section of the movie, the song is used to introduce Linda Mason to Jim Hardy, who is trying to get her into the shows at the inn.She is allowed to join him and perform solo when he plays the song to her.Near the end of the movie, the song is reprised.The fake snow was made using chrysotile asbestos.10

The studio recordings of the film's songs were made for commercial release.They were initially issued on 78rpm records.

The studio recordings released to the public are often confused with the song recordings taken from the motion picture soundtrack.

Holiday Inn was first released on VHS in 1981 and again in 1992 by the same company.

It was released on DVD with Going My Way.The trailer and text-based extras were added.This version can be found in many boxed set collections of Crosby-themed movies.

It was released as a single-disc "Special Edition" in 2006 with commentary by Ken Barnes and archival comments by Crosby and Astaire.A Couple of Song and Dance Men, a documentary on Astaire and Crosby, and a re-release of a theatrical trailer were included.

In 2008 it was released as a three-disc "Collector's Edition" containing the previous DVD and a second disc with a computer-colorized version.The CD of original studio recordings of the film's songs was included with the album.

It was released as a single disc edition with both black and white and colorized versions and all previous DVD extras.

It was released again on both formats, this time with a second disc featuring a performance of the Broadway adaptation.

The film is easy to watch and doesn't try too hard to impress, even in the Fourth of July number, it never commits a breach of taste by violently waving the flag.It went back over the year in a light-hearted spirit.Variety said it was a winner with "sterling" performances by the male leads.It was called a most delightful entertainment by Harrison's Reports.The leading players have good performances.Film Daily said it was "a completely satisfying musical filled with crisp comedy, fetching music, snappy dance routines, first-rate acting, smart story touches, and lavish and beautiful settings".There are no comments at this time.

White Christmas, which starred Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen, was based on the song "White Christmas" and was released in 1954.It was an extremely loose remake of Holiday Inn, with a plot again involving an inn, but otherwise different from the earlier film.After reading the script, Fred Astaire declined the second lead in the film.Donald O'Connor was injured before filming began and was offered the role.Danny Kaye took the role.There is a citation needed.

White Christmas was listed by the American Film Institute in 2004.There are 100 songs in its 100 years.[15]

The colorized version of Holiday Inn was released by Universal.The colorization was done by Legend Films, who used Edith Head's sketch artist, Jan Muckelstone, as a color design consultant for costume authenticity.In the "Abraham" sequence, Crosby's and Reynolds' make-up is brown, rather than the black of burnt cork, as the colorized version bears a noticeable error.

The film inspired the name of the hotel chain.The small 19th century inn in Intervale, New Hampshire was renamed after the title of the film.The owners of that inn were able to prevent anyone else from using the name in that area of New Hampshire until they relinquished it.[17]

The CBS broadcast of The Screen Guild Theater, starring Crosby and Astaire, dramatized Holiday Inn as a half-hour radio play on January 11, 1943.On December 15, 1952, The Railroad Hour presented a half-hour adaption of the film.Gordon MacRae was in the episode.[19]

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