A clean shower tile.

It is easy to clean your shower tiles, but it may take some time.You can either use a commercial product to clean or you can make your own cleaner out of ingredients you already have in your home.The tiles should be pre-treated with water-vinegar.Use a stiff bristle brush and apply a baking soda paste to the tiles.It is a good idea to dry your tiles four to five times a week.

Step 1: The shower should be running on a high temperature.

The hot water should run for at least 10 minutes.The hot water will make it easier to clean the tile.

Step 2: In a bowl, mix 1 part water and 1 PART AIN.

The ingredients should be well-combined in the bowl.Put the solution in a spray bottle.

Step 3: You can spray the solution on the shower tiles.

Make sure to spray more solution onto the dirtier areas as well as the spaces between the tiles.Since you will be using this solution later on, make more solution as you clean, and don't use up all of the solution at this point.

Step 4: The solution should be set for 5 minutes.

The soap scum will be loosened by this.The solution may need to be set for 30 minutes or more.

Step 5: The soap scum has to be scrubbed.

This can be accomplished with a stiff bristle brush or a grout brush.This will make it easier to clean the tiles.

Step 6: It is a good idea to rinse with water.

Turn your shower on again.You can use a lower temperature setting.The water should be warm.You can rinse the tiles with a bucket or pitcher.

Step 7: In a bowl, mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water.

The baking soda and water should form a thick paste.The consistency of the paste should be similar to toothpaste.If the mixture is thin, add more baking soda until it reaches the desired thickness.Substitute half of the water with hydrogen peroxide for tough stains.If you don't want to use baking soda paste, you can use a tile cleaner.

Step 8: Put the paste on a sponge.

Spread the paste over the tiles.Make sure to give it a generous amount in between the tiles and stains.

Step 9: The paste needs to be sprayed with the solution.

The baking soda will make it bubble.The paste can be eaten through the soap scum.

Step 10: Place the scrub brush on the tiles.

Use a stiff bristle brush.In a circular motion, scrub your tiles.When cleaning in between the tiles, use pressure to remove stains from the tile.Use a toothbrush for small crevices.

Step 11: You can rinse with warm water.

You can rinse your tiles with a bucket or pitcher.Remove the soap from the tiles by pouring the water over them.You may need to wash your tiles multiple times.

Step 12: Clean the tiles with a towel.

This will help prevent the pooling of water in corners and crevices.

Step 13: The tiles can be sprayed with the solution.

After showering two to three times a week, do this.For a longer period of time, this will help keep your shower tiles clean.For easy access, keep a spray bottle labeled "shower spray" in your shower.If you have children, keep the bottle out of reach.

Step 14: Take your tiles and squeeze them.

Keep a squeegee in your bathroom.After showering, squeeze your bathroom tiles five to seven times a week.Make sure to clean corners and crevices.

Step 15: Put a towel on your tiles.

You should keep a specially designated towel in your bathroom.After showering, dry your tiles five to seven times a week.