A cloudy mirror can be cleaned.

It's time to clean the mirror if you've stopped looking into it.The supplies you need to restore the mirror are already there.If you need a quick fix, wipe a microfiber cloth on the mirror.You can wipe the shaving cream off the mirror.The cloudy mirror needs to be kept clear and shining.

Step 1: Get rid of cotton pads by rubbing alcohol into a dish.

Rub alcohol into a small bowl or dish by pouring it into it.You will need cotton pads or large cotton balls.Since paper towels leave lint on the mirror, don't use them to clean it.

Step 2: The rubbing alcohol should be scrubbed over cloudy areas.

Rub the dirtiest areas of the mirror with a cotton pad or ball.If you scrub toothpaste, it will splatter on the mirror.The rubbing alcohol will dry quickly if you scrub fast.

Step 3: The mirror can be cleaned with glass cleanser, shaving cream, or vinegar.

You can see better when the mirror is clear or cloudy if you remove dirt and gunk from it.The mirror's surface should be wiped with a glass cleanser, shaving cream, or vinegar.

Step 4: There is a microfiber cloth near the mirror.

Set the wide glass or bowl close to the cloudy mirror by filling it with a few inches of white vinegar.Get rid of 1 to 2 microfiber cloths.

Step 5: The cloth should be rubbed over the mirror's surface.

The cloth doesn't need to be wet, but you should be able to rub it onto the mirror.Keep dipping and wiping the mirror until the cloudiness is gone.To prevent streaks, Rub the mirror starting at the top left side and working downwards in an "S" formation.

Step 6: The smell can be removed by wiping the mirror with water and glass cleanser.

You can wipe a clean cloth over a mirror if you dip it in warm water.Then wipe the mirror with a microfiber cloth to remove streaks.If you want to let the smell go on its own, open a window and get some fresh air into the room.

Step 7: There is a shaving cream on a microfiber cloth.

Take a small amount of shaving cream from the center of the microfiber cloth.If you use shaving cream gel, it will leave a mark and won't work as well as the cream.Most newspapers now use soy-based inks that will streak if they get wet, so don't use newspaper for mirror cleaning.

Step 8: Rub the mirror with shaving cream.

The shaving cream should be wiped over the mirror.Rub the shaving cream into the mirror.Don't put shaving cream on the mirror frame.Wood and wicker can be damaged by shaving cream.

Step 9: The shaving cream should be wiped off with a microfiber cloth.

Use a circular motion to wipe the microfiber cloth over the mirror.Keep wiping until the shaving cream is out of the mirror.You may need to repeat the process again if the mirror is still cloudy.

Step 10: Do not use multi-purpose cleanser on mirrors.

If your mirror has been cleaned with a multi-purpose cleanser, furniture polish, or goo-re moving cleanser it can leave a mess that will make the mirror cloudy.If you want to clean the mirror, use shaving cream, or a glass cleaner.Commercial glass cleansers may not be as effective as pure vinegar because they are heavilyDiluted.

Step 11: Don't spray cleanser or water on the mirror.

If you spray a liquid on the mirror, it can get absorbed into the backing.The mirror can appear cloudy or hazy if the backing is damaged.If you want to spray the cleaner directly onto the mirror, lay down some towels below it.It will help to catch the liquid that drips down.

Step 12: The mirrors should be wiped with microfiber or soft cotton.

Although you may be tempted to reach for a roll of paper towels, these will leave lint behind on the mirror. Instead, choose a fabric material such as microfiber or very soft cotton that won't leave streaks or lint.If one microfiber cloth gets dirty, you can use a fresh one.

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