A coconut tree can be grown.

The coconut trees produce tasty fruit.They grow naturally in tropical climates, but can also be planted at home.Growing a coconut tree outside or as a houseplant is an easy process that will produce a charming addition.

Step 1: You can choose the perfect nut to nurture.

The ideal nut has a lot of water in it.Make sure the nut is still in its husk.You can use a coconut from a store or the ground.

Step 2: The coconut should be placed in the water.

The coconut should be kept submerged with a stone or weight.The nut should be left in the bucket for 3-4 days.The process will make the coconut softer.

Step 3: Attach a zip-lock plastic bag with a cup of water.

Put the nut in the bag.The bag can be kept in a warm, dark place for up to 3 months.There is a good place to store coconut.

Step 4: It's a good idea to check on the coconut every week.

Wrap a damp paper towel around the roots of the nut and place it back into the bag.When the roots reach a length of 6 inches to 20 inches, the seed will be fully developed.

Step 5: You can mix the planting soil.

A mixture of half soil and half sand is used.Adding gravel or vermiculite will help aerate the soil.You don't need to use premixed soil if you plan on planting coconut outside.There is a place that has loose soil.You can buy specialized soil such as Kokohum.

Step 6: The coconut will grow in the soil.

Place the nut in the soil.Make sure the coconut sticks out of the soil.If you are planting a tree inside, use a pot that is at least 10 inches (25 cm) deep and large enough to hold the seed.

Step 7: Provide your coconut tree with plenty of water and sunlight.

Water the tree at least 2 times a week to keep the soil moist.Make sure the tree gets a lot of light.It's better to have some shade.You can make a mini greenhouse.Place bamboo stakes around the tree.Wrap the sticks with plastic.When the tree is less than a foot tall, remove the greenhouse.To keep indoor trees moist, spray both sides of the leaves with water.

Step 8: The coconut tree should be kept watered and warm.

Coconut trees grow best at temperatures above 80 F.

Step 9: Your plant needs to beFertilized after a year.

After the first year, use a spreader to apply a pound of urea for every 100 square feet.It is a good idea to use afertilizer that is rich in certain minerals.During the first year of growth, the tree will absorb the nutrition from the nut.

Step 10: Enjoy the coconuts after harvesting them.

After 5 years, your tree will start to produce fruit.The coconuts will take a long time to mature once the tree starts to flower.A coconut in its husk can weigh up to 6 pounds.

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