A conference call can be done on an phone.

You can make a conference call with the help of the Add Call and Merge calls buttons.The simple process will be covered in this article, as well as some of the optional functions associated with conference calls.If you need to connect with multiple callers at the same time, the solution is simple for your iPhone.

Step 1: To your first participant, make a telephone call.

The phone icon is located at the bottom of the home screen.You can call from your Favorites, Recents, Contacts or via the Keypad.You can call from Contacts if you tap the contact you want to call.Your phone will place a call.Simply tap the listing to dial one of your Favorites or Recents.If you want to place a call with the Keypad, you have to manually enter the phone number.Other conference participants don't need phones.They can participate in the conference on the phone.It applies to those who initiate a conference call on their phone.

Step 2: The call options appear.

There are six boxes on your screen as you dial in.

Step 3: Add another person to the mix.

The "Add Call" button will light up after the original call connects.To connect the third person, tap "add call".

Step 4: Place a call to someone else.

You'll be able to call someone from your Contacts or dial a number after you've connected with an initial caller.There are six boxes on your call screen.When you hit the "Add Call" button, your connection will be put on hold.You might want to let them know that they'll be on hold.The "Add Call" button can't be activated until an initial call is connected.Adding a caller who's placed a call directly to your phone is also possible.Simply tap the button to hold and accept the call.Once the call has been answered, you canMerge calls.If you don't want to accept the call, you can send it to Voicemail.If you want to end your conference call, tap the "End & Accept" button.

Step 5: It's a good idea to combine your calls.

You canMerge calls once you've been connected with a third participant.It's in the same box as the "Add Call" button.This will allow you to connect the newest participant to the call.

Step 6: Add more people to the conference.

As many as five conference participants can be accommodated on your phone, so repeat the "Add Call" and "Merge Calls" steps as needed.When you're adding additional callers, initial conference participants will be placed on hold.

Step 7: The individual caller should be disconnected.

The Conference button is located near the top of your screen.Next to the call you want to disconnected, you can tap the red circle with the phone icon inside.Select "End Call" and the caller will be disconnected without affecting others.

Step 8: You can have a private conversation with one of the participants.

The Conference button is located near the top of your screen.Next to each of your connected callers, you'll see a "Private" button, which you can use to speak to someone else.If you want the caller to come back to the conference call, tap "Merge calls."

Step 9: Ignore yourself.

If you don't want to be heard during the conference call, you can simply tap the "Mute" button on the call screen.This will allow you to hear other people at the conference.

Step 10: You should be able to use the speakerphone.

This will allow you to listen to the conference call without holding the phone to your ear, an especially convenient option when taking notes or conducting other business during the call.You can use the speaker button on the call screen.

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