A cotton shirt is stretched.

There are ways to stretch a cotton t-shirt to the size you want it, even if the shirt was never big enough in the first place.Before you throw cotton out in frustration, try out a few of the ideas below. Step 1: The entire t-shirt needs to be wet in a bowl of water. You can either soak it in the sink or large bowl.Make sure to use room temperature-to-lukewarm water and saturate every area of the t-shirt that you want stretched.The room temperature-to-lukewarm water should cover the t-shirt.The fibers won't be prone to stretching if you use water that's too hot or cold. Step 2: The hair conditioner should be added per quart of water. Make sure the conditioner doesn't stay in the water by mixing it up with your hand.The hair conditioner will make the fibers softer.You can use baby cleanser if you don't have hair conditioner.Don't use your fancy hair products on your t-shirt. Step 3: For 10 minutes, keep the t-shirt flat. The easiest way to put the t-shirt on top of the sink is to gently press it into the water.Areas of the shirt will shrink differently if it's wadded up.If you want to make sure every fiber gets infused with the conditioned water, hold it flat at the bottom of the bowl.It will stay on the bottom of the bowl if it gets saturated.Leave it there for a while. Step 4: The shirt needs to be washed. Take the shirt out of the bowl, dump the water out, and refill it with clean, cool water.If you don't rinse the shirt, it will be covered in a sticky mess.Take your time.Make sure the water is clean by rinsing the shirt for 5 minutes. Step 5: Place the shirt on a flat surface. The top of your dryer, a granite counter, or a freezer are good places to put it.If you don't want the shirt to be wet, lay down some towels first.To speed up the drying process, squeeze the water out of the shirt. Step 6: If you don't want to stretch your shirt, iron it now. It is possible to distort the image on a t-shirt.If you dry the picture first, it won't stretch as much as the bottom and sides of your shirt because they're still wet. Step 7: You want to stretch the part of the shirt that has your forearms in it. Make sure not to put too much pressure in one spot by stretching the shirt out.It can leave a "dent" on the shirt.If your arms aren't strong enough to get the right amount of stretch, try using your legs, a pole, or someone with more arm strength to help you.Pull it in opposite directions if you want it to be longer.Make sure the t-shirt is equally stretched from left to right. Step 8: To dry the stretched shirt, spread it out on a towel. Put weights on the edges if you're worried about it.If you want a bigger bust or stomach, you can place objects within the t-shirt to stretch it out even more.The shape of the shirt will be retained until it is washed and dried again.Don't put it in the dryer if you want to keep it at its new size. Step 9: The t-shirt was wet in the water. Similar to the method above, wet your entire t-shirt to make sure it's soaked.To make sure it's evenly wet, place it at the bottom of a bowl or sink.It's not necessary to soak the t-shirt in water.It's time to move onto the next step once you're sure it couldn't be wet. Step 10: It should be put on a flat area for ironing. To prevent dripping and soaking your ironing board, ring it out a bit.Make sure your ironing board can handle heat.If you're careful, you could use the counter top or floor instead of the ironing board.Give it a few tugs to get the stretching started.You'd be surprised at how much you can do. Step 11: Start going over the t-shirt using pressure with your iron on medium-low. Pull the shirt out with the iron when it is in one hand and in the other.The iron should be used as a means of force, not just to go over the shirt, but to force it outward.Pull up, down, and to the sides if you want to go in every direction.When you're done, flip the shirt over and start on the back.If you need the shirt to fit better or be a little longer, this method is best used. Step 12: It should be left to dry. Make sure it's flat and give it a final tug.If you want, place weights around the edges.This makes sure it stays the same size, just how you like it.Don't dry it to make sure it stays at this size.The shirt should be air-dried.You will keep it larger if you don't dry it. Step 13: The t-shirt should be worn in the shower. When it's wet, clothes stretch more.Next time you're in the shower, wear a shirt.You want it stretched in all the areas you want.It was a productive shower.This sounds silly, but think about it: if you stretch it out as you wear it, you'll be able to stretched it all over.This is a good idea if you need a shirt that's bigger in the bust. Step 14: The t-shirt has a tug on it. Cotton shirts can be changed pretty quickly.The t-shirt will eventually stretch if you tug on it.Constantly pulling on it will stretch it out.It will eventually look out of shape if you overextend it. Step 15: The t-shirt's size can be manipulated with weights. If you've used any of the above methods, you may want to use weights on the t-shirt to keep it stretched out.On the edges of the shirt, place mugs, books, or bags of rice, keeping the t-shirt in it's stretched-out position. Step 16: You can put items inside the shirt. Do you need it stretched out for your chest?If you want to stretch out that area, put a couple of baseballs inside.Is it necessary to have wider arms?There is a cylinder or small bowl in the sleeves. Step 17: A larger friend should wear a t-shirt. A friend who is too big or close to you won't be able to fit the t-shirt on or stretch it out enough.If you have a friend who is in the Goldilocks zone, ask them for a simple favor.They can either wear your shirt for an hour or sleep in it. Step 18: The entire T-shirt should be wet. Either dunk it into the tub of water or use the washing machine. Step 19: Pull the wet shirt over the dining chair. Choose a chair that won't be damaged by the water. Step 20: Allow the shirt to dry. The shape of the chair will stretch the t-shirt for you.