A crab is being held.

The crabs are good pets.They are easy to take care of and enjoy watching.They are difficult to handle if you are a new owner.If you act wrong, you could be pinched by your crab friend.There is a chance that you could hurt your friend.There are a number of things you can do to minimize danger.Be very careful and take it slowly.

Step 1: When reaching for the crab, move slowly.

Make sure to slow down when handling a crab.The compound eyes of crabs can detect movement very well.They will be startled and will try to defend themselves if you move quickly.

Step 2: Pick up the shell from the floor.

Pick up your crab from the back.The crab might hit you with his claws if you try to pick him up from the front.The initial moment when you pick up the crab is important, so don't try to touch him, or pick him up from the front of the shell.

Step 3: Continue to hold the shell from the back while you open his palm.

Hold the crab by the back of the shell and stretch the palm of your other hand underneath it.The crab is not trying to grab onto your hand and pinch you because he has somewhere to rest his legs.Put your other hand under the crab.Make sure that your hand is completely flat so that you don't get pinched by the crab.If he tries to pinch you, slowly raise him up with your other hand, and then try to lower him again.You need to do this a couple of inches from the ground of his terrarium or above a table.You don't want to drop him more than an inch.

Step 4: All of your fingers should be touching each other

Keeping your fingers together will prevent the crab from pinching you.The flat area will allow the crab to stand up.A solid surface beneath your crab will make him feel safer.

Step 5: Put your crab on your hand, and let him go.

If you can get the crab to rest his legs on your hand, then let him move around.The crab should become more relaxed after being released.Make sure your hand is not too close to a table or the floor.Don't be afraid to let your crab move around on your hand.Relax and keep your hand steady.Pick up your crab by the back of the shell if he falls off your hand.

Step 6: Get your crab.

One way to get your crab used to handling is to feed it.If you properly feed your crab, he will enjoy handling it.When your crab is relaxed, put some oats or fruit in your hand.Make sure the crab is comfortable.If you try too fast, your crab will bite you.

Step 7: The time when your crab is out of his shell is the most active.

Pick a time when your crab is active.Your crab might not come out of his shell if he is not active.Making sure your crab is interested in moving around is the best way to engage with him.Don't shake the crab's shell.Don't force the crab to come out if he's not moving around.When is the best time to handle your crab depends on his habits and feeding schedule.

Step 8: Sand can get on your crab.

Try to brush off as much sand as you can before you pick him up.You will be able to see him better.He will be less likely to slip out of your fingers when you hold him.

Step 9: Don't let your crab walk on the carpet.

You need to be careful about where you put your crab down because it might be tempting to put it outside.There are certain surfaces that are not safe for crabs.Avoid carpets.The carpet can cause problems for your crab.There are any surfaces that might have chemical traces.Drop dangers can be found on table tops or stairs.

Step 10: When you are handling them, don't move around.

Staying still and moving slowly is one of the most important things to do with a crab.Staying still and moving slowly will ensure the safety of your crab.The crab might pinch you if you move around.

Step 11: If your crab pinches you don't panic.

A crab pinch is not the end of the world.You will get pinched sooner or later.Stay calm when this happens.If you can lure the crab with food or something, he will walk in the other direction.He should let go.If this doesn't work, put your hand in the crab's terrarium and he will probably walk off.

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