A crate is needed to build it.

Wooden crates are all the rage, whether it is for storage or a do-it-yourself look.They are easy to build, and you can use any wood you want, making them a worthwhile project for anyone.

Step 1: It's a good idea to sketch out your desired dimensions of the crate.

To make the cuts perfectly, you need to know how big your crate is.You can make any crate you want, but you need to make sure that the two ends are the same size.Yours may vary slightly, but the crate will have the following dimensions.9-1/2"

Step 2: Buy your wood.

Depending on your preferences, they should be about 1/2 to 1/3 thick.You could easily use scraps or wood from old pallets if you wanted to, though the exact kind doesn't matter much.The best budget buys are pine and cedar.If you want the spaces on the side of the crate to be bigger, you can adjust the width.You can have a lot of slats.

Step 3: Cut your wood to the size of your box.

It's time to get the saw going if your hardware store won't cut your wood for you.Making a rough cut in each piece first is the best way to make a perfect cut.Then bunch 4 pieces of wood together, holding the stack together with tape.You can cut all the pieces at the same time.You want the boards to be long.There should be four.You want the slats to be long.There should be 13.

Step 4: The wood must be sanded down on all sides.

Make sure the plank is smooth on all sides.These specifications are for a 16x12x9.5" crate.To make sure you have the right amount of wood, double check all of your cuts.Each end of the two pieces will be joined together.

Step 5: You could use a single piece of wood for both ends.

For a quicker, easier crate, simply cut a piece of plywood or other wider wood right into the size of your ends.It will look less professional, but it will work.If you're using wood scraps or junk pieces, you can use even slats of wood.You should cut even slats for a professional crate.

Step 6: Two of the boards were dry fit together.

Take two of your boards and place them on the long edge.The square is 9-1/2" wide and 12-1/2" long.Try to make sure the cuts are even so that the boards come together.Pick up the other two boards.They will be used to create your ends.

Step 7: Determine how you will adhere the two boards.

To make the ends of the crate, you need to adhere the two boards.There are several options, including biscuit joints.biscuit joints will be used in the rest of the video.There is wood glue.This will not be a very strong box.

Step 8: With the wood pressed together, use a pencil to mark three spots.

Place the boxes together on the blanks.You can use any method you want, but you have to use biscuit joints.You should have a biscuit drill and three wooden biscuits.Three biscuit joiners should suffice.Two will do if you're in a pinch.

Step 9: Use your biscuit joint drill to make marks.

Make a clean cut with the drill by using your pencil marks.For the other marks, repeat.

Step 10: Put wood glue on the three biscuit holes.

There should be one solid line of glue on the edge.

Step 11: Push a biscuit into the hole.

The biscuit should be snug inside the hole.

Step 12: Attach the two boards together by putting a little more glue on the top of each biscuit.

The biscuits should be placed on the other piece.Your ends are finished if you let the wood glue dry.To hammer the ends firmly, use a rubber mallet.As wood glue dries, use a set of clamps to hold the two boards together.

Step 13: You can add handles to the end.

You can decorate the ends of the crate now that they're finished.You can use a table drill with a wide 1-2" drill bit and punch holes into each end to make a handle.To cut a handle in the wood, drill 3-4 holes in a small line.Two metal handles, like those found on cabinets, can be installed using a power drill and small screws.You'll need to lay the box down flush to the ground to finish it if you add these handles.

Step 14: The ends should be turned upside down to rest on their top edge.

The handles will be on the bench if you add them.The other long edge is facing upwards.The slats should be adjusted so that they are the right distance away.The outside edges of the end pieces should be flush with the slats.

Step 15: Attach the wood glue to the ends of the slats with a line.

The bottom of your crate will be made up of this.To make the corner of the box first, start with the slat closest to the end.

Step 16: To adhere the slat to the end, use brad nails.

The glue is needed to keep the slat in place as you hammer it.The crate needs nails to be sturdy.brad nails work well.There should be two in each slat.A thin screw or heavy-duty wood glue can be used if you don't want to use nails.

Step 17: The crate has slats at the bottom.

Attach the slat with a little glue and nail it in.Begin by making the other corner, then work inward.There should be five slats on the crate.

Step 18: The process is repeated on each side.

To finish the crate up, use your last eight slats.Attach four slats to each side and turn it on its side.Allow the wood-glue to dry overnight.

Step 19: You can stain and finish the crate.

If you want a professional looking crate, you should stain it or paint it.A wood burning kit could be used to etch a design.If you want to decorate your crate, make sure you wait a day for the glue to dry and the crate to settle before you start.