A cribbage board is required.

The board game cribbage is timeless and fun.It would be difficult to make your own cribbage board if you are a fan of woodworking.It's a fairly simple project, but you'll need some standard woodworking tools and some rudimentary woodworking skills.

Step 1: Make sure you have what you need.

As this is a woodworking project, you'll need more than just a power drill.You will need a table saw, a band saw and a drill press.You will need a framing square, some paper, a printer, and some scissors.

Step 2: Get some wood for the board.

Purchase a block of wood at your local hardware store.As you'll be cutting it down, the length and width of the wood block don't matter.Make sure it's at least 3/4" thick and no thinner than 1/2.Lighter wood will work better and the type of wood isn't important.

Step 3: A template for a cribbage board.

There's a lot of cribbage board templates online.The template on this website will work just fine if you search for one you like.The cribbage board template has 120 holes.There will be a lot of holes to drill.There are three rows of 120 holes that go around the curved end of the board and back up the middle.The holes are about 1 cm apart.

Step 4: The cribbage board template can be attached.

Cut out the cribbage board template with scissors after you've printed it.Then spray the blank side.Wait a few seconds, then place the template on the block.Place it so that one corner of the template is parallel to the wood block.

Step 5: The block should be cut to size.

The wood block should be the same size as the template if you use a table saw to cut it.Use the guide of the table saw to cut straight lines after laying the wood on a table.To make a small wood block without cutting the template, cut the wood to the highest point of the semi-circle.You should have a block of wood that is the same size as the template, except for the rounded side.

Step 6: Go out one side.

To cut out the corners of the wood block, use a band saw.Move the wood block slowly and use the band saw to carve out the corners.The template should be the same size and shape as the wood block.

Step 7: Prepare a piece of metal.

If you want to make sure your holes are aligned, use a framing square as a guide.The table of the drill press has a framing square.To make sure the holes are lined up with each other, you can move the block of wood along the edge of the framing square.

Step 8: Make sure the drill is ready.

To get clean holes, use a high-quality brad-point bit.These can be found in hardware stores.The drill should be set to its highest speed.The drill bit should be lined up with one of the holes on the outer most row if the wood block is placed against the square.

Step 9: The peg holes have holes in them.

To drill out the holes in the template, spin the drill at full speed.The drill bit should be moved slowly.The holes are deep.Line up the holes with the framing square.Go through one row of holes, then go through the rest of the rows one by one.When the drill is turned off, touch the bit to check its temperature.If it's hot, cool it down for a few minutes.

Step 10: The board needs to be Sanded.

The paper template should be removed.Sandpaper can be used to smooth the board.If you want to work your way through several grits of sandpaper, start with a rough grit and up to a 220-grit.Rub the wood with the sandpaper until it feels smooth on all sides.

Step 11: Make the board look better.

You can use a small paintbrush to paint the board.A cribbage board can be painted over the three rows of holes with three stripes in different colors.You can use a ruler to help you paint the stripes.You can use a small paintbrush, pen, or sharpie to write the different labels on the board as shown in the template.

Step 12: The wood must be finished.

You can use a finish of your choice.A water-based finish will work well.Apply three coats with a brush.Wait for the coats to dry.To minimize the amount that gets into the holes, apply each coat quickly.

Step 13: Pick up some pegs.

You can buy cribbage pegs at a board game store.You can also use pegs from a battleship game.You're ready to play if you have a deck of playing cards.