A Cricket is in your house.

Crickets are found all over the world and it is not uncommon to find one in your home.The problem with crickets is that they make noise at night, which makes it hard to sleep.Carpets, clothing, and books can be damaged by them.There are a number of ways to kill a cricket in your home.You can attempt to catch the cricket in a trap.If you take care of the cricket, you can make your home less hospitable to crickets, so you don't have to deal with the problem in the future.

Step 1: Place cricket traps.

Purchase sticky traps that are meant for rats or mice and place them around your home.The crickets are stuck in the trap.The crickets will be attracted to the traps if a bit of cornmeal is placed in the center of them.

Step 2: The cricket can be caught with a beer can.

Take a can of beer and empty it.There is a beer can on the ground near the crickets.The crickets will get stuck inside if they crawl in the beer to get to the drops left inside.Crickets can be used as fish bait if you like to fish.If you want to, you can cut the can open and let the crickets out.

Step 3: A trap made of molasses.

The method will allow you to catch crickets.Take a clean glass jar and put something in it.The molasses will be a bit more runny if you add a little water.You can put the jar in the area where you have heard crickets.The crickets will jump into the jar to get to the molasses.The molasses will make it hard for the crickets to escape.The jar needs to be cleaned regularly.

Step 4: The cricket should be Smashed.

This is the easiest way to kill a cricket.If you see a cricket in your home and you don't want to catch it, you can smash it with a shoe or broom.Try to be as humane as possible.The cricket is dead if you give it a few hard smacks.

Step 5: Use a spray.

There are many commercially available pesticides.Buying a can that you can use to kill a cricket is a good idea if you have a problem with insects in your home.Use a bug spray with care.You can dispose of the cricket by using a large piece of toilet paper.The dead cricket can be flushed down the toilet or thrown in a trash can.You should clean the area where you sprayed the bug spray and wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 6: The cricket needs to be cleaned up.

The only thing you have to do is suck the cricket up with the nozzle.If you are worried that you may have a cricket problem, you should vacuum your home thoroughly and use the nozzle attachment to vacuum underneath the baseboards.Hopefully, this will suck up any eggs or crickets that are hiding.If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, it's a good idea to put the contents in a trash can outside.After you finish vacuuming, replace the bag with a new one.The bag should be thrown away away from your home.

Step 7: Use pepper spray on the cricket.

If you have pepper spray on hand, you can use it to kill the cricket.Crickets can be killed by pepper spray.When using pepper spray, be careful.If you get it near your face, it will be painful.You should wash your hands after using the spray.

Step 8: Place the jar over the cricket.

If you only have one cricket in your home, you can catch it with a jar.Place a glass jar over the top of the cricket so that it is trapped inside.Take a piece of cardboard and put it under the jar.You can keep a piece of card on the top of the jar while you are outside.Take the cricket away from your house.The cricket will try to find a way back in if you just let it out.

Step 9: You can get a cat or a dog.

Cats and dogs are great for keeping your home free of insects.If there is a cricket hiding in your home, let your pet find it. They are better at finding insects than humans.It is a big commitment to keep a pet.If you want to kill crickets, you shouldn't get a cat or dog.

Step 10: It's time to make your home less attractive.

If you have a lot of damp areas in your home, try to reduce them.Crickets love water, so fixing any problems that may lead to excess water will be important.Crickets like bright lights so replace them.The porch lights have yellow bulbs or sodium vapor bulbs.Look for any points of entry.Maybe there is a window that isn't sealed shut.Make sure your door frames don't have spots that a cricket could get through.

Step 11: A pest control company is ideal for this job.

If you live in an area where insects are a common problem, you can find a pest control company that will come and spray your home with an insecticide a few times a year.This may be the easiest way to deal with a cricket problem.Make sure the pest control company you hire is licensed in your state.Ask the company if their products are safe for humans, children, and pets if you have a pet.

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