A Crinkle Play Bag for your cat is a good idea.

Cats love playing with homemade cat toys, which are fun to make and cost effective.Cats like to crawl inside crinkle play bags, which are made of crinkle fabric.You can create your own fabric, add trim, and complete your sack by yourself.You can make a cute homemade gift for your cat with just a few craft supplies and a little bit of effort.

Step 1: Pick up materials.

You'll need some fabric and craft materials to make your own sack for your cat.The sizes listed here are just a guideline.If your cat is large, you may want to change the measurement.There are pieces of fabric that can be different colors or patterns and there is a trim of 16 x 36.

Step 2: There are layers to create.

Take one of the pieces of fabric and lay it out.You can layer it with your newspaper.You should top it with your second piece of fabric.The regular fabric should be on top of the crinkle layer in the middle.You can sprinkle cat nip between the layers if you want.

Step 3: Don't let your layers fall.

Hand sew all four sides of your fabric layers using your needle and thread.Move down each side at a time, starting at one corner.Straight pins can be used to pin the layers together.Your thread needs to penetrate all three layers.

Step 4: You can choose your color.

The crinkle play sack is fun to play with.You can choose a contrasting color or cute pattern for the fabric.You can choose from a feather boa, faux fur fabric, or sequin fabric.Have fun with your trims.

Step 5: Line up your hair.

Line up your trim on the edge that you plan to use for the opening by laying out your crinkle fabric.If you use traditional fabric, you should fold the trim in half so that it falls on each side of the crinkle fabric.If you are using a feather boa or other non-traditional material, you can attach it to the outside edge of your crinkle fabric instead of folding it over.

Step 6: Attach the trim to the crinkle fabric.

Attach your trim to the crinkle fabric with your needle and thread.You should sew along all four sides of your trim.Straight pins can be used to secure your trim.

Step 7: Place the crinkle fabric half way down.

Sewing your fabric into a sack is the final stage in creating your crinkle toy.In order to make this happen, you have to fold your fabric in half the wrong way.

Step 8: The side and bottom should be sewed together.

Use your needle and thread to sew along the bottom of the sack.The final side should be sewed together.Straight pins can be used to pin the bottom and side together.

Step 9: The bag should be turned right side out.

When both sides of the sack are sewn together, turn the right side out so that the seams are hidden.Don't worry about messing with the paper.It will be more enjoyable for your cat if you move it around.

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