A crochet blanket is in need of repair.

Crocheted blankets for children are cherished items.Do you have a crochet blanket from grandma that is coming undone?You can get that blanket back into a usable condition with these tips.

Step 1: A crochet hook is needed.

If you don't know how to crochet, learn it.Determine the right size by measuring the stitch in millimetres.There is a gap between the start of the yarn and the next stitch.

Step 2: Matching yarn can be obtained.

It has to match in both color and weight.Due to yarn dye lots, it may not be a perfect match.

Step 3: A test piece is what you should make.

To get the right tension, crochet a small test piece with the crochet hook and yarn.Too loose creates a stretched out area.

Step 4: How did the blanket fall apart?

Was it along a single seam?Is it in the middle?Unravels are easier to fix than tears.

Step 5: Restitch the area.

Pull until you have a loose loop and then re-crotch the unraveling section if the original yarn is still attached.When finished, make sure to secure the yarn end.If you run short of yarn, use a smaller hook and tighter tension.

Step 6: There are patches in yarn.

If you can't find an "end loop" or the yarn is missing, tie on replacement yarn and re-crotch the missing area.

Step 7: Put glue on it.

Fray Check can be applied to the raw edges of the tear to prevent further raveling.

Step 8: Stitch edges together.

Carefully criss-cross the torn edges with matching yarn to sew them together.If you want to make a "crochet stitch" look, use a chain stitch.

Step 9: Make sure your stitches are secured.

Make sure your patch won't rip further if you sew well into the surrounding area.

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