A cult can be started.

A cult is a community that worships an object, person or concept.They're basically ways of organizing and transforming people's lives for the better, because they have the ability to transform into exploitative enterprises in the wrong hands.If you want to form a fervent organization around an idea, you need to learn how to organize and grow your group in productive ways. Step 1: There is a subject or activity that improves your life. There are a lot of things that can be done to form cults around, but they need to be positive activities, concepts, and ideas that other people can see the good in.Pick something that can change lives for the better.If you really believe that the subject or idea has the potential for good in the world, it's possible to form a cult around it.It is probably better if it is relatively normal.It is not necessary for cults to be religious in nature.There is a fervent devotion to a person, object, or idea.Almost anything can be formed by groups.If you want, you can form a canasta cult.It should be positive, good, and harmless. Step 2: You can be passionate about a subject or activity. Is it worth worshiping Chef Boyardee Ravioli in a cult-like way?It's possible to form a cult around certain things, such as being very passionate, being able to devote yourself to deeply, and finding connections in different parts of your life.When we talk about cult movies, they're often very specific, quirky, and present a unique worldview that confuses a lot of people.Star Wars, Star Trek, and many kinds of sci-fi have deep universes that are possible to stay engaged in, which is why we often say they have "cult-like" followings.Is that the name of the family?Not much. Step 3: Pick something that will benefit other people. If you're forming a cult, your first question should be, "Would the world be a better place if everyone was as enthusiastic about this thing as we are?"If the answer is that the world would be better, objectively, that people would lead better lives if they also worshipped Tom Brady's throwing glove from the Super Bowl, then you're on a positive and harmless track.A cult is often organized by a single charismatic individual.All activities are designed to benefit the leader of the cult, and they're organized to seem as if the group's good is the goal.Jonestown, the Heaven's Gate, and the Manson Family are all examples of this. Step 4: As much as possible, learn about your obsession. If you're going to hype a subject to a group, you need to be aware of it, so you don't end up being a make-believe guru or some kind of snake-oil seller.You need to know a lot more than Spock's color in order to form the Cult of Star Trek.You need to know which episode he first bleeds in, what the significance of that color is in the larger context of the series, and how that affects your interpretation of Star Trek's utopian worldview.You should read those fan blogs. Step 5: You can choose a leader. Most cults have a single leader.If you are the leader of the cult, you need to make sure that your cult is for good purposes, not for your own gain.If you're going to form your own cult, it's a good idea to pick someone who has the good of the group at heart.The last person you should pick is the one who wants to be the leader. Step 6: The cult's rules should be established. What rules, concepts, and moral code will your cult follow?What is the cult's ultimate goal?How will you use Star Trek to change your life for the better?Do you have a big message for the world?The issue of how you'll use this to transform your life is the most important.A Star Trek Fan Club isn't necessarily fervency, but how you use it to change your life is.It's a good idea to write these documents, but leave the word "cult" off of them.You don't want people to get the wrong idea. Step 7: Write something down on a piece of paper. All cults have governing texts that are easy to read and mysterious.If you want your cult to grow, it's a good idea to self-publish your guidelines for life or your teachings as a group. Step 8: There is a place to practice or worship. If you're public with your cult, you may face a lot of backlash, and people will probably find the idea of a cult pretty strange.It's great to have a private place where you can do the things you want to do.It's likely that you won't be doing much more than watching episodes, having in-depth conversations, and maybe re-enacting a scene or two, if you've got a Star Trek Cult forming.If you're brave, you can meet in public parks, but it might not be the kind of attention you want. Step 9: Come up with a slogan. Good slogans are required for all clubs, organizations, and groups.It's easy to sum up what you do, organize around a single idea, and keep everyone focused on the topic.They've been vague and mysterious because they're simple and multipartite.It might work for your Star Trek cult.I only work in outer space because I was born in Iowa.It should be memorable and organic. Step 10: Slowly bring in other people. When you meet people in public, bring in the concepts and obsession that you've decided to shape your life around to start growing the group.Become an advocate for whatever it is.You should try to market the less extreme aspects of your ideas, because you may experience hostility and a lot of resistance at first.The utopian fun of Star Trek?A good selling point.Are you planning to build a star-cruiser in a warehouse in Queens?It might be a good idea to save that for later. Step 11: Make sure the behavior matches the party platform. The cults are singular.If you're going to be a leader in a cult of Star Trek, you can't do things that are not in line with the noble tenants of Trek.Make sure that your priorities are in line with the cult's singular-minded concepts.cults live togetherIt would be a good idea to move into a place and give it a name.Everyone will be able to grow and develop a common idea. Step 12: Refer to your idea as the only true one. Making your idea seem like the only solution to the world's problems is one way to get people to join your cult.If you're talking about total devotion to the power of James Kirk and Co., then you have to present it as the one true way.This is where cults get a lot of power.You should be good at presenting your ideas to the group if you want to have healthy discussions and debates.If other people think Star Wars has the same merits as others, you need to be aware of the anarchy associated with it.Go after it and believe it. Step 13: You should practice your obsession. You should keep doing what you're doing.How you choose to let your idea change your life and the lives of others for the better will largely depend on your concept.The cult becomes more serious when it watches re-runs of Trek and eats Cheetos.When does positive change begin?Maybe you start writing all your congressmen to take the tenants of Star Trek more seriously, devoting resources and time to science and exploration, and even abandoning the ancient Earth concept of "greed." Step 14: Community outreach can be done. Immediate changes for the good in your community can be formed by your group.Hold weekly free breakfasts with Star Trek viewing parties, or hold equality workshops and give talks in full Federation regalia.Let people know what you do. Step 15: There are ways to grow your group. Do you have a process for taking in new members?How will your group grow without losing its identity and values?What will new members do?What will the publicity do?What are your goals for the group?It's important to take the ideas seriously and come to a consensus.In your core beliefs and the real world, keep a strong foot-hold.You have to make sure that groups like this don't turn into something worse.Is your behavior lined up with the original tenants of the organization?How can you get back those core ideas?