A curling iron is used to Curl hair.

A curling iron can be used to make a variety of styles.Depending on the curling iron, you can have big or small curly hair.Curled hair can be done with one of the following methods.There is a guide for curling hair.

Step 1: The curling iron needs to be heated up.

For fine hair and thicker hair, heat it to 320 degrees and 430 degrees, respectively, with the curling iron.Try to find the right temperature.The lowest temperature that does the job is the best.This will not damage your hair.

Step 2: You need to brush your hair.

Make sure you don't have tangles or tangles wont form properly.Before curling your hair, make sure it is completely dry.Blow dry the sections.

Step 3: Apply a heat protectant to your hair.

It is sprayed onto dry hair.The buffer between your locks and iron will be formed by the heat protectant.

Step 4: You should separate your hair into sections.

There should be three-four sections from the bottom to the crown of your head.The next section of hair that is going to be curled should be separated by using clips.

Step 5: Curl your hair when working in sections.

Wrap your hair around the barrel with a wand and not the one at the bottom that holds the hair as it Curls.If you overlap your hair, it will result in limp sections.You can hold the hair close to the barrel with your fingers.If you do this you will prevent crimps in the curls.The curling direction should be alternated between clockwise and counterclockwise for a more natural effect.

Step 6: Curls should be pin up quickly.

To create a perfect curl, compact the curl and grab the bottom.Attach the circle of hair to your head with a hair clip or a bobby pin.

Step 7: Continue until all of your hair is pinned down.

Wait until the hair is no longer hot before taking off the clips.

Step 8: After the hair is cool, remove the pins.

Fix any curls that are messed up by shaking them out.

Step 9: Curled hair should be manipulated.

Unless you want to leave it in its current, more formal arrangement, tousle it with your fingers or tease it slightly.Waves can be created by tousling large curls.

Step 10: To give your hair hold, add a small amount of hairspray.

If you spray your hair too much, it will make it weigh it down.

Step 11: To curl hair, grab one strand.

If you want tighter curls, grab smaller sections.

Step 12: You can place the curling iron near the top of the hair by squeezing it open.

The iron needs to be squeezed open.

Step 13: Wrap the whole section of hair around the iron rod.

If you want to avoid burning your fingers, Wrap your hair away from your face.

Step 14: Take the hair out of the iron.

If you need to experiment on the low side in the beginning, be aware that your actual time may vary depending on your curling iron and heat settings.

Step 15: Take your hair out and repeat it on the next part.

As you loosen, be careful not to touch the iron in the process.

Step 16: Take a section of hair and blow it out.

If you want to grab smaller sections, take bigger sections.

Step 17: The curling iron should be placed near the bottom of the section of hair.

It is possible to slide the hair up and down.The iron should be adjusted slightly to make your hair easier to Curl and to prevent the curls from sticking out from the side of your head.

Step 18: If you want the hair to spiral around the iron, twist it shut.

The flatter your hair is, the hotter each strand of hair will get.Be careful not to touch the curling iron as you twist it until it approaches your hair.Curl your hair away from your face.

Step 19: Take the hair out of the iron for 10 seconds.

If you need to experiment on the lower side, be aware that your actual time may vary depending on your curling iron and heat settings.

Step 20: Take your hair out and repeat on the next section.

If you loosen the iron, it will help to unclamp it, but be careful not to touch it to your skin.

Step 21: Your hair is doing it's job.

Your hair should be done and ready to show off.If you want to keep the curls longer, you can spray them with a little spray.