A cut that you should style is a peckie.

A low-maintenance way to style short hair is the phine cuts.Although you don't have as much hair, there are still many ways to make your hairstyle unique.Pick out the look you want to go for.If you want to add size to your cut, consider a long haired look.You can try different styles to figure out what looks best. Step 1: If your hair is damp, comb it back with a volumizing spray. The bangs and roots should be covered with different pieces of hair.Take a plastic comb and drag it through your hair.Move the comb so that the hair is pulled from front to back.You can use a volumizing spray as well.Knead your hair with your fingers.After you have showered and towel-dried your hair, do this. Step 2: It's time to blow dry. Blow over the side parts of your hair with a hairdryer.The parts of your hair that are closest to the roots are what you should focus on.As you blow dry your hair, use your fingers to move it around.Make sure the volumizing spray does its job by getting an even amount of heat on your hair.Put a nozzle on your blow dryer to focus the air.The blow drying process is more effective because of this.If you use a blow dryer, consider using a heat protectant spray. Step 3: The sculpting cream should be put into your hair. Use your fingers to rub the product on your hair after you Rub a pea-sized amount of cream over your hands.Don't just focus on the bottom of your bangs, make sure that all your hair is covered, as you did with the blow drying and volumizing spray.It's a good idea to focus on fingering the sides of your hair.Your roots need some work. Step 4: Tucking the ends of your hair will give you a professional look. You can find the ends of your hair by looking at your head.If your part is not symmetrical, don't worry, hiding it away is the most important aspect of tuck back.Take the bottom 1 inch and tuck it behind your ears.Gelling your hair into place will keep it steady throughout the day.This look is easier to pull off if you have a shorter cut. Step 5: To add texture to your cut, use a curling iron. Use a heat protecting spray to protect your hair.Next, use your fingers to pick out a small portion of hair.Allow that hair to sit on the curling iron for 10 seconds.Continue this process on the rest of your hair, working from the middle to the front.This looks sharp for formal events. Step 6: You can use a flat iron to smooth out the ends of your hair. Take a small, wide-toothed comb and cut your hair into smaller sections.If you want your hair to look smooth and shiny, use a mini flat iron to heat each section.For a neater look, keep each section of your hair the same size.Work from left to right while styling. Step 7: If you want to give your hair shape, blow dry it. After you get out of the shower, use a blow dryer to make your hair look bigger.After your hair is patted dry but still damp, use a focused nozzle to apply heat to different parts of it.If the blow dryer is blowing downward, the hair will look fresh and smooth.You can find one online if you don't have a specialized nozzle.This works well with long haired people. Step 8: You can make your hair look fake by brushing it into a fake Mohawk. You can make your hair look good by brushing it after a shower.If you want to drag the bangs from back to front, use a round brush.Blow dry your bangs so they stay in place while you do this.If your hair is damp, use the round brush to push it backwards.If you want your hair to look bigger, add volumizing spray to it.The longer your cut is, the more effective it will be. Step 9: If you prefer a shorter haircut, shave the sides of your hair. You can crop the sides of your hair with electric clippers.If you want to part your hair to the side, choose a starting point about 2 inches above the ear.Your bangs will look more defined once that area is shaved.If you want to draw more attention to your shaved head, sweep your bangs to the side.You can use sculpting gel to texture your hair. Step 10: There is a new color to the pixie cut. Changing the color of your hair will make it stand out.Pick a color that you would like to see the mirror in for a while.If you want to dye your hair but not use a bright color, try a color like Platinum blonde.If you don't want to dye your hair, opt for colorful highlights.After you've dyed your hair, it's a good idea to use a color-safe cleanser that is free of sulfates. Step 11: It's a good idea to layer your pixie for a more casual look. If you want to do it at home, ask your hairdresser to add a variety of layers.If you prefer a more professional look, you should sweep your bangs to the side.Individuals looking for a more laid back style can place more focus on their side part and layer their bangs more evenly.If you have short hair, consider styling it with long- lasting hair gel.

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