A cute clutch bag can be made.

There is no such thing as too many bags or clutches.They are small and cute.It can be hard to find the perfect one, and some of the prettiest ones are too expensive.You can make your own using a placemat.It may sound strange, but a round or rectangular placemat and a few minutes of your time will give you a cute clutch. Step 1: There is a rectangular placemat. The method works best with fabric.It's important to choose something that looks interesting.It would be even better if you had a lining in your clutch.The material should be sturdy and not flimsy.Placemats with fringes work well. Step 2: Put the placemat in front of you. Make sure that the wrong side of your placemat is facing up.If your placemat has a lining, make sure it is facing you.If your placemat has fringe, cut it off along the bottom edge.The inside of your clutch will eventually be this.If you can leave them on, that's what you want. Step 3: If the placemat is too wide for you, fold the edges in by 1 inch. Place the pins on the long edges by folding them in by 1 inch.Topstitch the folds as close to the outer edge as you can.This step isn't necessary.If you are happy with the length of your body. Step 4: The placemat needs to be folded up by two-thirds. The bottom crease can be made with iron along the bottom of the placemat. Step 5: Put the sides of the placemat together. You can do this using a sewing machine or hand.For a rustic-chic touch, you can use a blanket stitch and some embroidery thread in a contrasting color.If you don't want the stitching to be visible, you can either glue or blind-stitch it.You can glue the edges down if you don't know how to sew. Step 6: The flap should be folded down. To make the crease, iron along the fold.Attach the elastic cord to the flap with a loop.There is a button on the body of the clutch.The amount of elastic cord you use depends on the size of the button.If your placemat is at a lining, use a seam ripper to open up some of the stitching at the top-center of your flap, and tuck the elastic cord into the hole.Using a matching thread color, topstitch the hole down.Wrap a thin belt around the clutch, with the buckle just below the flap, for a more chic look.Attach the belt to the clutch.Remove any excess from the belt. Step 7: A thin, round placemat is what you should choose. If you want to use fabric, you can use this method.The material should be thin and flexible to be folded. Step 8: Bull clips should be used to keep the left and right sides secure. A vertical "pill" shape is what you should end up with. Step 9: The bottom third of each flap should be Glued down. You can use hot glue or fabric glue.The glue should be on the edges of the flaps.If you have to, place a heavy book on top of the flaps.Don't glue the upper part of the flaps down. Step 10: Right where the fold is, place a small dot of glue at the top corner of each flat. This will make your clutch look professional.Attach the clips over the corners. Step 11: The bottom edge of the placemat should be folded up. Use the bull clips to hold the clutch together. Step 12: Glue the edges of the clutch. Glue the bottom flap down, focusing on the edges, after removing the bull clip.The bull clip needs to be replaced.Once the glue has dried or set, you can remove the clips. Step 13: Find the center of your flap and add a square. Hot glue or fabric glue can be used to attach a regular one.Attach the matching square to the body of your clutch by finding the corresponding spot.If you want a more professional clutch, use a magnetic clasp.Follow the instructions on the package. Step 14: Add some trim. There is a curved edge to the top flap.Glue down other types of trim after closing the top flat.You can have one row or many if you mix and match.Combine braided cord trim with pompom trim for a truly unique touch.Bright colors contrast with your placemat.

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