A database can be created from an excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft's database management software, Access, can be used to create a database using data from a Microsoft excel spreadsheet, or you can export the data into a format that works with most database software.Microsoft Access is only available for Windows. Step 1: It is possible to open Microsoft Access. It's the red app.You can open the Access template page by doing that.Access is bundled with Microsoft Office Professional and is only available for Windows. Step 2: Click the database you want to check. The option is on the left side of the window.Pick the template that you want to use for your Access database. Step 3: Click to create. There is an option in the pop-up window.The Access database will open. Step 4: Click on the External Data tab. The menu bar is at the top of the Access window. Step 5: Click saved imports. You can find it in the left side of the program.A menu will appear. Step 6: You can select the file. It's in the menu.Clicking on this option will prompt a pop-out menu. Step 7: Click to see the results. The pop-out menu has this option in it.Clicking it opens the import window. Step 8: Click Continue. The window is in the upper-right part. Step 9: You can select an excel spreadsheet. Go to the folder in which your spreadsheet is located and click on the spreadsheet you want to open. Step 10: Click Continue. It is in the bottom-right corner of the window. Step 11: You can specify how to transfer. If you want to add a new table to an existing database, click the radio button to the left.You can change the information in Access by creating a new table.If you want to add data to one of the tables in the database, choose this option.You can change the information in Access by appending an existing table.The option to create a hyperlink in the database will open the excel database in excel.You can't change the information in Access with this method. Step 12: Click OK. This is at the bottom of the window. Step 13: Pick a sheet. Click the name of the sheet you want to import from the window at the top.By default, the three spreadsheets labeled "Sheet 1,Sheet 2, andSheet 3" are created.If you have information on all three sheets, you must complete the transfer with one sheet and then go back to the "External Data" tab and repeat the steps for each remaining sheet.You can change the names of the sheets in excel, but they will appear in the Access database. Step 14: You can click next. It is in the bottom-right corner of the window. Step 15: Column headings should be enabled. If your excel sheet has its own column headings in the top row, check the "First Row contains Column Headings" box.If you want Access to create the column headings, uncheck the box. Step 16: You can click next. Step 17: If you need to, you can modify your spreadsheet's columns and fields. skip this step if you want to import all the fields from the spreadsheet without changing them.Check the "Do Not Import Field (Skip)" box if you don't want to import a field. Step 18: Click next. Step 19: The primary key is needed for the database. If you want to get the best results, leave the default setting as-is.You can set your own key by checking "Choose my own primary key" and entering it in the field next to that option. Step 20: Click next. Step 21: You can add a name. The "Import to Table" field should be filled with a name for the sheet.Leave the database set to its default name. Step 22: Click to finish. The lower-right side of the window has this option. Step 23: You can click close. It is in the bottom-right corner of the window.This will close the import window and make your database.If you want to make sure Access remembers your settings, you need to check the "Save import steps" box. Step 24: You can open your document. Click on the document you want to convert to a database.If you haven't created your document yet, open excel and create it. Step 25: Click on the file. The menu bar is either at the top of the window or the screen. Step 26: Click Save. You can find this option in the menu. Step 27: Click on this PC. It is in the middle of the page.Don't do this step on a Mac. Step 28: You can choose a file format. If you're using a computer-based database application, click a (comma separated values) format.Click an format if you're using a Web-based database application.If you don't have any data in your excel document, you will not be able to choose XML. Step 29: Click to save. It is at the bottom of the window.You can save your document using your preferences. Step 30: A new database can be created in your application. The process will vary depending on the application you're using, but you will usually open it, click, and follow any on-screen instructions. Step 31: The button to import is located at the bottom of the screen. It is often found by clicking the option. Step 32: Select the file you want. Double-click the file you exported to find it. Step 33: To import the data, follow the database app's prompt. Step 34: The database needs to be saved. You can open the "Save" menu by pressing the keys.

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