A deck is being stained.

Your deck will be well maintained and attractive if you stain it.When the deck starts to show signs of wear and tear, you should apply a fresh coat of stain.If you want to stain a deck, you have to clean it, prepare it and apply the stain. Step 1: All the furniture needs to be cleaned. Before you can stain it, the surface needs to be clear. Step 2: There are branches, leaves, pebbles and other debris on the deck. If there are small rocks, sticks or other items in the way, check between the boards. Step 3: Look for areas with splintered wood or worn wood. The areas will need to be sanded before the deck is stained to bring out a brighter shine.There is sand in the direction of the grain.If you want to get on your knees and sand with a hand sander, use a pole sander. Step 4: The deck should be washed with a deck cleaner. Hardware stores, home improvement retailers and department stores have cleanser.Follow the instructions on the deck cleaner.You can either wet the deck before washing it or apply the product directly to the wood.The instructions say to allow the cleaner to soak into the deck.If necessary, rinse the deck. Step 5: The deck needs to be dry. This usually takes about 2 days. Step 6: Look for a stain that is similar to the color of your deck. To make sure the stain is the color you want, test it in a small part of the deck. Step 7: Check for a stain that repels water. It should protect against the harmful rays of the sun.It is a good idea to use a water repellent stain. Step 8: If you want to keep the original wood grain visible on your deck, consider a semi- transparent stain. The texture of your deck's wood will be shown by many of these stains. Step 9: It is appropriate to dress appropriately. Gloves, pants and a shirt are needed to protect yourself.If you want to protect your eyes, wear goggles or safety glasses. Step 10: The stain should be put in the can. You don't want to shake the stain or have bubbles in it. Step 11: A bristle brush or paint roller can be used to apply stain to 2 or 3 boards at a time. You will need a small paint brush in corners and other difficult places.Use long and even strokes to brush from one end of the board to the other.The stain should be spread smoothly.You don't want it to puddle. Step 12: The entire deck should be covered with a single coat after brushing or rolling the stain. Step 13: The stain should be left to dry for 3 days. A second coat is not necessary for some people.Bob Vila doesn't think that more stain is better.It can peel or crack if you apply a lot. Step 14: Once it has dried completely, put the furniture and other items back on the deck.