A deer is clean.

You killed your first deer.What are you doing now?You will need to dispose of the animal's guts.To ensure that your venison tastes its best, read below to learn how to field dress a deer.

Step 1: The deer is no longer alive.

Shoot it again if necessary.Don't approach the wounded deer on foot.

Step 2: The first part of the belly needs to be made.

The deer carcass should be laid on its back.Look for the breastbone or sternum.Use a sharp knife to make a hole in the belly.The hide and the peritoneum can be cut with a deep incision.Don't cut too deep.You may taint the meat if you cut too deep.The rest of the cut should be made with the knife blade facing up.This helps prolong the blade's life, as it is not cutting through the fur, and reduces the chance of you accidentally puncturing an organ.

Step 3: The abdominal organs should be removed.

Use a small knife to free the abdominal organs.Use your hands to remove the organs after they are cut free.You should be careful when removing the bladder.If you want to prevent urine from spilling, pinch off the bladder with one hand and cut it free with the other.It is important to not cut the intestines or the spleen as their spilled contents will ruin meat.

Step 4: Access the lungs.

After most of the organs are removed, it is time to clean out the chest.To get to the lung, use a sharp knife to cut through the muscle that separates the lungs from the abdomen.You will find a lot of blood when you cut into the lung.When working in the lung, be careful.There may be broken ribs if the deer was shot in the chest.

Step 5: The lungs are removed.

A small knife can be used to free the organs.You can cut the windpipe if you follow it up.To remove the lungs and the heart, use your hands.

Step 6: The top of the stomach.

The stomach, intestines, and rectum are part of the digestive tract.The best way to remove the bicyle is in one piece.You will need to free both ends to remove the GI tract from one piece.To free the top end, reach up into the chest and sever the esophagus.Pull this end through the chest and out.

Step 7: The bottom of the stomach.

The lower end of the GI tract needs to be freed.A doe's anus and vagina can be cut with a deep ring.Stuff the rectum out through the stomach and back into the body.The anus should not be cut but circumscribed.The goal is to leave the rectum intact while freeing the anus from the surrounding tissue.The cut around the anus should be about 4 inches deep.

Step 8: Pull the stomach out.

The intact digestive tract can now be removed from the body.Don't cut the intestines or squeeze the fecal matter out as you handle the digestive tract.fecal matter can taint meat.You can either tie off the rectum or not.

Step 9: It's a good idea to save organs.

You can choose to eat the heart or the liver.It's not a good idea to consume the brain, spleen, eyes, and tonsils.Save any organs in a plastic bag.

Step 10: Dispose of waste

You can leave the waste organs for scavengers if it's okay with the property owner.Pack the organs in a plastic bag.

Step 11: Take the deer home.

Take your deer home.You should get your carcass on ice as soon as possible.

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