A denim jacket should be Bleached.

denim jackets are an easy, lightweight addition to any wardrobe.If you want to lighten your clothes and give them a new lease of life, fading can be used.Bleaching allows you to experiment with shades and patterns, giving you a chic look that you always wanted.

Step 1: Put warm water in the container.

The container should be large enough to submerge the jacket you plan to bleach.

Step 2: Add bleach to the water.

One cup of bleach should be added for every 4.5 liters of water.If unsure, too little bleach is preferable to too much, as you don't want it eating through the fabric of your jacket.Always wear gloves when handling bleach, and mix the liquid well.It is recommended that you use low-splash bleach.

Step 3: Take the jacket out of the mixture.

This will prevent a patchy, light and dark result if it is completely covered.Before checking the extent of the fade, leave for 5 to 10 minutes.Leave for an additional 5 to 10 minutes if further fading is required.As necessary, repeat the process.Smooth out the folds, such as the collar.The result will be different if bleach does not reach the entire surface of the jacket.If a 'tie dye' look is desired, elastic bands can be used.If your jacket's thread colour is starting to bleed into the fabric, this is a sign that it has been soaking for too long.

Step 4: You can rinse your jacket with warm water.

If you're happy with the new lighter shade, rinse the jacket to make sure it's free of bleach.Make sure to remove all traces of bleach from your jacket before using the same container to wash it.

Step 5: The jacket should be washed as usual.

It's a good idea to wash your jacket with cold water and detergent.Your faded jacket is ready to wear.Sun will fade denim when hanging to dry.Avoid sun-drying if the current shade is your preference.

Step 6: Put hot water in the washing machine.

The wash cycle will allow the water level to rise.When is the right time to stop your machine?

Step 7: Place a cup of bleach in it.

If your machine has one, add the bleach as you would in any other container.Continue the wash cycle and mix it with the water.The water should stop for 5 minutes.

Step 8: The machine will add your jacket to you.

Place your jacket below the water line and leave it to soak for up to an hour.After the wash cycle is over, run a second wash to make sure all traces of bleach are gone.If the new tone suits you, try your jacket on.After removing your jacket, you may want to run an extra clean-out cycle.Most washing machines drain chemicals well, but this will protect your laundry load from bleach.If you're happy with the outcome, hang in the sun or use a machine dryer.

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