A diaper genie can be used.

How often should you take your child's dirty diaper to the trash?Between trips to the garbage, what is the best way to mask the smell?There are products like the Diaper Genie® that can help.A place to dispose of your baby's dirty diapers will help eliminate the smell for a long period of time. Step 1: Take a look at the pieces that came with your diaper genie. You should read the instruction manual that came with your diaper genie to make sure you understand how the package works.Before you start the assembly process, make sure you have all the parts listed in the instruction manual.Wait until you get the missing pieces to assemble the unit.You can request replacement parts from the customer support line listed in the manual. Step 2: Attach the top and bottom to the hinges. Attaching the top and bottom of the genie together is the first step in assembling the diaper genie.There is a bar at the top of piece A.While holding the top at a 45 degree angle, place the bar from piece B into the hinge and press down until they click together.You don't have to put the hinge in place.Push it until you hear a click. Step 3: Click it into place when you flip the top over. After securing the hinge between the top and bottom of the diaper genie, you can flip it over and press down until they click together.The genie should be a tall cylinder at this point. Step 4: Prepare a refill for your diaper. You need to put the plastic liner in the genie to use it.Pull the tab on the refill to remove the plastic seal.Pull downwards until you have released about 18 inches of film.There is a knot in the liner.The best way to secure the bottom of your liner is with an overhand knot. Step 5: The liner should be placed in the genie. Put your liner refill in the top of your Diaper Genie® and push the knot you tied down through the clamp.The diaper genie lid needs to be closed.You are ready to use it. Step 6: Put the diapers into the ball. Roll their diaper up tightly, securing it with the tape on the diaper.Roll your diaper into an oblong shape or a small bundle.The more Diaper Genie® you can hold, the easier it will be to empty it.If the liner in your genie is attached to the tape, it will rip.The Diaper Genie® can hold up to 34 newborn diapers at a time.As your child ages, this number will decrease. Step 7: Put the dirty diaper in. Lift the lid of the diaper genie and put your dirty diaper in.The dirty diaper needs to be pushed all the way down.After you have inserted the diaper, make sure the clamp closes again.Close the lid when you have done this.The Diaper Genie® twists the film to seal the dirty diaper at the top. Step 8: The pail needs to be removed. If you want to unhinge the top from the bottom, you have to push the button in the middle of the genie.The built-in cutter mechanism can be seen on the inside of the top part. Step 9: The liner needs to be cut at the top. Pull the liner into the cutter mechanism after you reveal the childproof cutter on the genie.To keep your diapers out of the liner, tie a knot at the top.If you leave enough room at the top of your diaper roll, you can tie a knot. Step 10: The full liner should be removed. Once you have tied the top of your liner, you can put the dirty diapers in the bag and dispose of them outside. Step 11: There is a knot in the liner. Tie a knot at the start of the new liner when you have removed the full liner.The dirty diapers you put in the genie will fall out the bottom of the liner if you don't do it. Step 12: Pull out 18 inches of liner. Pull out about 18 inches of liner after tying a knot at the end of it, like you did when you were about to use it for the first time.Make sure the amount you pull out is enough to fill the pail. Step 13: The top should be secured onto the bottom. The Diaper Genie is sitting atop the bottom of the genie.When the two parts click back into place, press down. Step 14: You should clean your diaper genie weekly. As you can imagine, you will need to clean your Diaper Genie® frequently to keep germs and any smell from your child's dirty diaper to a minimum.You can clean your genie at least once a week.If you want to do it, take the Diaper Genie apart and wipe it down with a bleach-based solution.If you want to be more thorough, wipe the genie down with an anti-bacterial cleaning wipe several times a week.If you change the liner in your diaper genie, spray the inside with a disinfecting and odor-neutralizing spray. Step 15: There is a deodorizing filter. Investing in a built-in deodorizer is a good way to help reduce the daily odor from your child's dirty diapers.Most general merchandise retailers, like Walmart or Target, carry deodorizing carbon filters for your Diaper Genie®.The filters come with a case that can be used to hold the carbon filters.Simply unlatch the top of the case, place a filter inside, and snap it closed.The best results come from the filters being replaced at least every 90 days.