A Djvu file can be opened.

PDF is a document format similar to the DjVu file format.The images are compressed into a single file.You need special software on your computer to view DjVu files.The software is completely free. Step 1: Understand how the software works. Similar to PDF, DjVu files are a type of document file.They need special software to open.The easiest way to open these files is with a web browser plug-in.The DjVu files can be opened in your browser window.The viewer is included with the software. Step 2: You can download it in your browser. The instructions are in English on this website. Step 3: You can choose your operating system from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. This will make sure that you get the correct installation for your system.Click here to find out if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. Step 4: Underneath the three drop-down menus, click the button. Step 5: To accept the agreement, click the button. The file will be downloaded. Step 6: Follow the instructions to install the DjVu software. Most users can leave the installation at the default settings. Step 7: Click on a file. After installing the software, DjVu files will open in the reader program. Step 8: The file should be manipulated. Most document readers act similar to the reader program.You can move between pages, zoom in and out, print, and more with it.You cannot change DjVu files in the reader.Instructions for editing a DjVu file can be found here. Step 9: You can copy and paste sections of the document. Click the "Selection" menu if you want to select a region.You can drag a selection box around the document.Click "Selection" to copy it.You can also use the keyboard.You can paste the selection into any other document.The document will have the selection pasted into it. Step 10: The DjVu file can be opened in a web browser. You installed browser extensions for all of the browsers you use when you installed the software.The browser plug-in has the same features as the standalone viewer.A DjVu file can be dragged into your browser window.You will be asked to allow the DjVu to run.Right-click on the DjVu file, select "open with", and then choose your browser from the list of programs. Step 11: You can download DjVu solo. You can use this program to create new DjVu files from image files on your computer.You can find it in the "Old (but useful) section" of djvu.org. Step 12: If you want to install the program, run the installer. The settings can be kept at their defaults by most users.This won't install anything. Step 13: It's time to launch djVu solo. You can find it in your Start menu. Step 14: You can add the first image file. You can either drag it into the DjVu solo window or use the Scan button top to make a document. Step 15: Select "Insert Page(s) After" if you want to add another image. You can change the file type by selecting "All Supported Image Files".If you want, you can add multiple images at once. Step 16: Rearrange the pages. To rearrange the order of the pages, you can click and drag each thumbnail. Step 17: The DjVu file needs to be created. Click "File" if you are satisfied with the order of the pages.Unless you are using the DjVu file to create webpages, select "Bundled". Step 18: It is possible to modify existing DjVu files. You can use DjVu to open files and rearrange them.You can open the file in DjVu.You can remove a thumbnail from a page by right-clicking it.You can add new pages by right-clicking a thumbnail and selecting "Insert Page(s) After or Before".You can find additional image files on your computer.Click and drag the thumbnail to rearrange the pages.

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