A dog crate is needed.

If you don't want to buy a dog crate, you can make one yourself.This option allows you to modify the crate according to your own preferences and may save you money as well.Wood planking or metal chain link can be used to make a dog crate.You need to decide on the dimensions of the crate you want to build, and then decide which material will provide the most effective crate for your dog. Step 1: Take a measurement of your dog. To plan the dimensions of your crate, you need to accommodate your dog's size.Measure your dog's height and length from its feet to the top of its head. Step 2: Determine the dimensions of your crate. To plan the size of your crate, you need to know how big your dog is.There is not enough room for your dog to stand, sit, and turn around.If you want to give your dog room to move side-to-side, make the crate too narrow.Plan for a crate that is 4 feet long, 2 feet high, and 3.5 feet wide for your dog if it measures 3 feet from its nose to the tip of its tail.Some dog owners want a small crate dog in which their dog can sleep.If you need to be out of the house for several hours at a time, smaller crates can be used.Dog owners may want a larger crate that can hold the dog for longer periods of time.A crate can be used as a place for the dog to sleep.If you have time, you can visit nearby pet supply stores and look at the manufactured crates that the store offers.You can see which crate size would work best for your dog. Step 3: For your purposes, choose the best material. Most homemade crates are made out of wood planking or chain link fence and can be found at local hardware stores.If you want a crate that can be moved throughout your house, a wooden crate is the better choice.If your dog will not be spending a lot of time in the crate, you may want to build it out of wood.You shouldn't leave a dog unattended in a crate for more than 8 hours at a time.It can be dangerous for an animal to go longer without access to food, water, and a bathroom.If your dog will be spending a lot of time in the crate, consider building it from chain link.Provide your dog with food and water if it is in a crate for more than 8 hours.Some dog owners build large outdoor enclosures for their animals to give them more space to move and use the bathroom. Step 4: Purchase your wooden planking. Pick out the type of wood you want to use for the crate.The simplest way to build a wooden crate is to have wooden planking on the top, bottom, and sides, with a door that lets in air.Pine is a common wood when it comes to animal crates.You will need a hammer, nails, and a tape measurer.You can attach a gridded metal cage door to the side of the crate if you don't already have a door for the dog cage.All of these materials can be found at a hardware store. Step 5: The top and bottom of your crate should be made. The pieces of wood can be cut using a table saw, circular saw or hand saw.You can mark both the top and bottom of the crate with the same measurement.You should trace a pencil along the lines where you need to cut when you measure the planking.This will help you guide the saw while you are cutting and will ensure that your cut pieces of wood are the correct size. Step 6: Make the sides and back. The sides and back of the crate should be cut out of wood.Before you cut the wood, mark the dimensions on the planking.Stand the two pieces that are the planned size on their sides next to the bottom of the crate.With the dimensions planned for the back of the crate, repeat the procedure.Stand the wooden side-pieces next to the crate.Align the pieces and then nail them back into the plank.On the sides of the crate, put your top piece.Make sure the edges of the top are in line with the sides. Step 7: Attach the door to the crate. The hinges on the gridded metal door should already be attached.The door manufacturer suggests that you mount the hinges on the crate using the loose ends.Attach a latch to the other side of the door so that it closes properly.You can use gorilla glue or another extreme glue to attach the hinges to the side of the crate.If you must use screws or nails to attach the hinges, make sure to file down the screw or nail tips on the inside of the cage so they don't stab your dog.If you don't have a file, use your hammer to bend the tips of the screws or nails so that they are parallel to the wood planking.Make sure the door is open. Step 8: Purchase fencing materials. It will be the easiest and most convenient to use a chain link fence.You can buy the height and length of the fence that you want to use for the crate.You can buy readymade wall and door sections at your local hardware or home center store.Your dog will not jump out of the crate if the fencing is at least 4 feet high.If you want to make sure the dog won't escape, you can purchase a readymade top to affix to the crate. Step 9: Pick the flooring material. Pea gravel and flagstone are popular options if this dog crate will be installed outside.Purchase the material at a hardware or gardening supply store if you want to use it.If you bring a chain-link dog crate with you, you can cut a large piece of plywood and affix the bottom of the fencing material to it. Step 10: Put the crate together. Depending on the type and amount of fencing material you purchased, you will need to assemble the premade wall and door segments as directed by the manufacturer.There is a crate in your backyard or other outdoor area.Set the crate on a surface that won't be damaged by steel wires, if you choose to locate it inside your house.Outside, chain-link crates are usually installed.If you want to prevent dogs from digging under the chain link, you need to bury the bottom edge of the crate fence about a foot deep. Step 11: Adding shade or insulation is a good idea. If the dog is going to be spending a lot of time in its crate outside, you may want to install some material to protect it from the sun or bad weather.Placing sheets of plywood on the top of the crate will prevent the sun and rain from hitting the dog, as well as keeping wind from coming in.

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