A door panel can be removed from a car.

It is easy to remove a door panel from a car.Remove the control panel and door latch with a screwdriver.Remove the rest of the trim pieces that may be concealing the fastening screws and use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the panel in place.Pull the panel off with a firm hold.It is that easy! Step 1: Lift the door and remove the screw. Look for a fastening screw at the base of the door handle latch.Remove the screw with a screwdriver.You don't want to lose the screw.You may need to open the latch to get to the fastening screw. Step 2: Pull the door latch off of the panel with a pair of pliers. The small plastic clips that hold the door latch in place can be difficult to remove by hand.Use a pair of pliers to get a good grip on the latch and then gently pull it away from the panel.You could damage the connecting clips if you yank or twist the latch.If you try to squeeze the latch too hard with the pliers, you could break it. Step 3: Remove the lower edge of the control panel with a screwdriver. The windows and door lock are controlled by a panel on the door.Take a flathead screwdriver and wedge it into the lower edge of the control panel, where it connects to the door panel.To pop it out of place, use gentle pressure.The control panel can be easily damaged if you snap or jerk the screwdriver to remove it. Step 4: The wires need to be removed from the control panel. Plugs are located on the backside of the panel.Take a firm grip on the plug and wiggle it as you pull it off.Plugs should be removed from the panel.Some plugs have clips that you have to press to remove them.If you try to force or yank on the plugs, you could damage them. Step 5: Pull off the window crank if there is one. Some cars have a manual window crank.You can wedge a metal pick tool behind the crank.Pull the small clip wire out from behind the crank.Pull the crank out with your hands.If you want to reassemble the door panel later, you need to make sure you don't lose the plastic washer behind the crank. Step 6: The armrest cover has a screwdriver in it. A fastening screw may be concealed by the armrest cover.You can wedge a flathead screwdriver into the crack at the edge of the panel.Remove it with gentle pressure.If you snap the armrest cover, you could damage the clips holding it in place. Step 7: Use a screwdriver to remove the cover from the window. There is a triangular cover piece at the top edge of the door panel.Pull the cover piece against the edge of your fingers to remove it.If you can't get the cover off with your hands, use a screwdriver to pry it off. Step 8: Pull the speaker cover off if there is one. The speaker cover needs to be removed by wedging a screwdriver into the edge.Remove the screws that hold the speaker in place.Pull the speaker out of the door panel.The wire harness requires you to hold the clip in place.Don't pull the speakers from the door panel because they can be damaged easily. Step 9: The door panel has screw covers. Look for small, round plastic pieces that are the same color as your door panel, wedge a flathead screwdriver into them, and pry them off to expose the fastening screws beneath them.Underneath the control panel and on the sides of the door panel are places to check.If you want to hide the fastening screws, be sure to look for the covers that hide them. Step 10: The fastening screws need to be removed from the panel. To remove the fastening screws from the door panel, use a screwdriver.Some plastic panel screws can be pulled out with a pair of pliers. Step 11: The door panel should be grabbed at the top and bottom. To take a firm grip on the door panel, hold it at the top and bottom with your hands.If the panel is loose, give it a good shake to see if the fastening screws have been removed.There may be a fastening screw that you missed if there are any spots that won't wiggle.It is easier to remove the connecting clips when the panel is wiggling. Step 12: Remove the door panel with your hands. Pull the door panel straight out with 1 swift motion by removing the small plastic clips holding it in place.The clips will not snap when the panel comes off.The clips won't release the panel if you pull at an upward or downward angle.Don't use multiple, jerky motions.If the panel is difficult to remove, make sure you have removed all of the fastening screws and trim pieces that are holding it in place.

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