A double ring belt should be tied.

A double ring belt is a type of belt that is fastened using a set of metal rings instead of a belt buckle.It is easy to get confused when trying to tighten a double ring belt for the first time.It is as easy as fastening any other belt if you get the technique down for threading the end of the belt through both rings correctly.A double ring belt is a great addition to any casual summer outfit or a practical everyday belt. Step 1: Attach the belt loops to your pants. Stand up straight with a pair of pants on.Put the end of the double ring belt through the front loop on the left side and wrap it around your waist.This applies to any double ring belt.It doesn't matter if the rings are square or D shaped.The belt could be put through the loops in the other direction if you wanted.The typical way belts are worn starts on the left. Step 2: The 2 rings should be centered below the belly button. The rings can be moved by pulling on the end of the belt.They should be on top of the top button at the front of your pants.The rings are the same as a standard belt buckle. Step 3: The end of the belt should be through the rings. You can use your right hand to slide the tip of the belt through the rings if you hold them in your left hand.The belt has to be pulled all the way through.The belt is still loose as you have not created any tension yet. Step 4: On top of the first ring and under the second ring, loop the belt back over itself. Go over the top of the first ring by pulling the belt back towards your right.Put the tip of the belt under the second ring and pull the end all the way through until the rings are flat on your waist.Pull the end of the belt tight around your waist.As you tighten the belt, you may have to re-center the rings by sliding them to the left or right on your waist. Step 5: For a classic look, secure the end of the belt in the nearest belt loop. The first belt loop is on your right-hand side.The belt rests on top of itself if the slack is pulled all the way through.You have to secure the end of the belt in a different way because double ring belts don't usually have their own keeper loop. Step 6: If it is too short to reach a loop, pin the loose end of the belt. You can hold the end of the belt against your waist.To clip the section of belt directly under the loose end, use a bobby pin.If you don't have a pin, you can use a hair tie.Put the loose end of the belt through the hair tie to hold it in place. Step 7: Pull the end of the belt down for a casual look. The tip of the belt can be moved between the waist of your pants and the rings.The loose end of the belt rests against the front of your thigh if you pull the tip straight down.This is a good way to give the belt a relaxed look while still securing the loose end in place.If you wore a double ring belt, you could dress down a pair of khakis and a button-up shirt. Step 8: Pull the belt under itself for a braided look. If you want to slip the tip between the belt and the waist of your pants, you have to pass it over the first belt loop on your right hand side.Pull the tip out from the bottom edge of the belt, then pull it straight to the right so the loose end is twisted around the section of belt on your hip.This is a good way to style a double ring belt.You could wear a canvas double ring belt with a pair of khaki shorts and a striped T-shirt to get a classic summery boat wear look. Step 9: If the end of the belt is too long, use double-sided tape. There is a strip of double-stick tape on the back of the belt.Press it against the belt to hold it in place.If your belt is too short for the end to reach your first belt loop or if it's too long, you could use this method.

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