A dreamcatcher is made of crochet.

The dreamcatcher comes from a legend and is used to prevent bad dreams by hanging them in the bedroom.You can easily make a dreamcatcher with some basic crochet knowledge and a few special items.It is possible to make a crocheted dreamcatcher to hang in your bedroom.

Step 1: You must gather your materials.

You will need some special materials to make a crocheted dreamcatcher.You will need an embroidered hoop in the size you want.It's a good size for a small dreamcatcher.If you want to hang beads, feathers, scrap fabric, lace, ribbon, or anything else from the bottom of the dream catcher, you'll need a medium worsted weight yarn in the color of your choice.There are strings and needles for hanging beads and feathers.

Step 2: A single crochet.

You need to single crochet around the hoop to cover it.Slipstitch it onto your hook.Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook after you insert it into the center of the hoop.Pull yarn through again.Continue to single crochet around the hoop until you have covered the whole thing.You can keep the stitches close by sliding them over.

Step 3: There is a chain called Chain 60.

Chain 60 stitches to make a loop for hanging the dreamcatcher.Attach the chain back into the hoop with a slipstitch.Simply insert the hook through the stitch and loop the yarn over.Pull the yarn through the loops on the hook.You can tie off the end of the hanging loop after the hoop is covered.If you want to work on the doily for the dreamcatcher's web, set the hoop aside for now.

Step 4: Chains four and slipstitch are used.

You will need to make a chain and connect it to a ring to start the web.Attach the ends with a slipstitch by chaining four stitches.

Step 5: Chain three and double crochet are used.

Start by chaining three stitches and then double crochet 11 stitches around the ring.Slipstitch into the third chain to finish the round.This round will have a total of 12 stitches because the chain of three will count as one stitch.

Step 6: A chain of five, crochet double, and chain two is created.

To start the round, you will need to chain five.This will be your first double crochet.Then, make a chain of two with a double crochet.Double crochet and chain two all the way around.The round should be finished with a slipstitch into the third chain.

Step 7: Larger loops can be created with chain five, skip, and slipstitch.

You will want to make the loops larger as you work around the circle.If you want to do this, start your next row with a chain of five and slipstitch into the next one.Continue to slipstitch all the way around the round.To connect with the hoop, you will need to do a few rounds.Increase the number of stitches you chain by one.Chains six and seven are used for the next round.As you move outward, this will help to create larger spaces in the web.

Step 8: The doily should be connected to the hoop.

Continue to chain and slipstitch around the circle until the doily is the same size as the hoop.Wrap each chain around the hoop before you connect it back into the circle with a slipstitch.Until the doily is connected to the hoop, do this for the whole round.

Step 9: Put beads in.

If you want to add color and interest, you can string some beads from the bottom of your dream catcher.Tie a knot with a needle.The thread should be tied to the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

Step 10: Put a few feathers in it.

Adding feathers to dream catchers is a decorative touch.Attach a needle to the ends of the feathers.The thread should be tied to the dream catcher.Attach the feather shapes from felt fabric to the dream catcher with thread.

Step 11: Cut up a piece of fabric or lace.

Cut some lace or fabric into strips and tie them to the bottom of your dreamcatcher in an easy way.You can use fabric and lace to complement your yarn.There are strips of ribbon that can be tied to the dreamcatcher.