A dress for graduation.

Graduation is one of the most memorable moments of your academic career.You want to look your best for the ceremony because there will be a lot of pictures taken.You need to pick your regular outfit and put on your academic regalia for graduation.Dressing well for graduation is possible.

Step 1: You can measure your height to find the right size.

Most schools require graduating students to wear traditional regalia.To order according to the size chart for the brand, use your height and weight.caps and tassels are generally one size fits all, and gowns range in sizes from 38-66.Check with your school to see if a brand representative can help you find your size, if you are having trouble taking or understanding your measurements.

Step 2: Purchase a regalia set at your school.

Schools will work with manufacturers and retailers to offer packages that include all of the components you need for the ceremony.Take your measurements to make sure you get the right size, and double-check that you are ordering the correct package for your school.The preferred method for most schools is to use this method.Some schools have a logo on it, while others just use a plain one.Men and women may wear different colored robes for the ceremony if your school is more traditional.Don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it, and make sure you get the color that best represents your chosen gender.

Step 3: You can buy pre-used packages online for a discounted rate.

Alumni try to make money by selling their caps and gowns online.If there are any listings for the color you are looking for, you can check out Facebook.You should buy the gown in advance to make sure the fabric is the right color.If you buy a set from someone who didn't go to the same school as you, you'll have to go through the school.You may not be allowed to participate in the ceremony if you try to wear the wrong color.

Step 4: A friend will give you a cap and gown.

Alumni are one of the cheapest ways to get a cap and gown for graduation.Ask an older friend or sibling if they would be willing to lend you their set.Most people only wear the set once.If you are borrowing a cap and gown, take good care of it and make sure you don't mess it up.As soon as the ceremony is over, return it to them.

Step 5: If your school has a dress code, follow it.

Business casual or professional attire is required by some schools.You can confirm the dress code by checking your school's website or contacting the office in charge of graduation.If there isn't a dress code, you should still try to look professional.

Step 6: For a more masculine outfit, wear a dress shirt, tie, and pair of slacks.

Add a coordinating tie to a solid-colored or striped dress shirt with a collar.You can wear a belt with your shirt tucked in if you opt for a pair of neutral-colored slacks or dress pants.If you live in a warm climate, you could wear a polo shirt with a collar.You can match your tie to the color of your robe or the school colors to show your school spirit.

Step 7: For a feminine look, choose a dress, blouse and skirt.

A neutral color dress is white, tan, gray, navy, or black.If you are wearing a skirt and a blouse, stick to a solid colored top that is easy to pair with a bright color.Pick a skirt in a solid color that is knee-length.Make sure the skirt or dress is an appropriate length for a professional occasion, but not so long that it sticks out of the gown.

Step 8: You should not bring a bag to the ceremony.

Stick to the necessities, like your keys, phone, and wallet, if you leave your purse or backpack at home for graduation.Drop off your bag with your family before the ceremony so they can retrieve it later.If you wear a dress or skirt, make sure it has pockets to hold your phone, wallet, and keys during the ceremony.

Step 9: A pair of shoes that are easy to walk in are a good choice.

Graduation is not the best day to get a new pair of shoes since you will be doing a lot of walking and standing.If you are going for a masculine look, choose a pair of comfortable dress shoes.For a feminine outfit, wear flats, wedges, or heels.If it is outside, don't wear high heels for the ceremony.Your heels might get caught in the grass, or you might trip as you walk through the processional.Wear your shoes for a few hours the day before the ceremony to practice walking and make sure they are comfortable.

Step 10: Attach your robe to your clothes with a front zip.

Before you put it on, take the robe off and open it.The neckline becomes a V shape when you hook and pull the zip from the bottom all the way to the top.Make sure the fabric isn't caught on your clothes by raising your arms.Remove your gown from its plastic bag and put it on a hanger 3-4 days before graduation to get rid of wrinkling in the fabric.

Step 11: The pointed headpiece faces the front.

The pointed part of the cap rests on your forehead if you put it on the crown of your head.The back of your head is where the elastic part of the cap should be.If you have long hair or the cap is loose on your head, use hairpins to keep it in place during the ceremony.

Step 12: The button on the top of the mortar board is where you want to put your tassel.

There is a loop of string on the top of the tassel.The string can be slid under the button on the top of the mortar board.The ceremony will take place on the right side of the cap.At the end of the ceremony, the speaker will tell the graduates to move the tassels from the right to the left.The completion of your degree is marked by this.

Step 13: You can drape honor cords around your neck to show off.

They should be positioned behind your neck with the ends hanging down on either side of your body.To avoid looking disheveled in pictures, make sure the sides are the same length.If you graduated at the top of your class, you may be asked to wear a medal or a special cord.The braided cords that signify membership in honors societies are thinner.Stoles are thick pieces of fabric that represent membership in a club.