A Dresser is a good place to paint.

If you have a chest of drawers that isn't quite in line with the rest of your home's décor, you can paint it.A fresh coat of paint can give an old piece a new lease on life.If you want the new paint to work on the existing finish, you need to start sanding it all over.After covering the faces and frame with a coat of primer, you can brush on your color of choice.If you want to protect the new paint from damage, you need a coat of varnish on the drawer.

Step 1: There is a dropcloth.

Sanding, primer, and painting can be messy, so be sure to cover your work area with a large cloth or tarp.The extra layer protects the floor from spills and splatters.Paint fumes can quickly build up.It is recommended that you do your painting in a garage or workshop that will give you some air, or in an outdoor space like a patio or driveway.To keep the dropcloth from blowing around in a stiff breeze, use strips of tape or paint buckets to hold down the corners of the cloth.

Step 2: The drawers are in the drawer.

Lift the drawers at the opening to help them clear the edge of the roller track.You will be painting them separately from the rest of the frame.Once they are free to do so, clear everything out of the drawers.

Step 3: Sand the drawer with a piece of wood.

The entire outer surface can be gently smoothed with a square of 80-100 grit sandpaper.The existing finish will be removed to make it easier to accept fresh paint.Sand with circular rubbing motions will not leave streaks in the grain.Make sure you pay attention to the edges, corners, and any molded bits.The wood underneath may be damaged by bearing down too hard.

Step 4: Put a damp cloth over the drawer.

Dust and debris can be collected by lightly running the cloth over the sanded surface.After the drawer is clean, sit it for 30 minutes to give it time to dry.Dust from wood may show up in the paint job.

Step 5: A coat of primer is what you should use to brush on.

Use a brush or foam roller to apply the primer.A neutral base coat should be used for every part of the furniture you intend to paint.The new color will come through clearer and bolder.If you prefer not to go to the trouble of detailing by hand, you can use a spray-on primer.There are both oil and water-based paints.Pick a primer with the same basic formula as the paint you'll be using.

Step 6: Allow the primer to sit for 3-6 hours.

You have to set the base coat before you can paint it.To speed the process along, make sure the drawer has plenty of air.Setting up a portable fan in front of the piece can help with this.Give the primer a tough test to see how it is coming along.It needs more time if it feels sticky.White swirls in your new color can be caused by painting over wet primer.

Step 7: There is a latex paint for indoor use.

Due to its resilience, latex paint is one of the best choices for furniture.It has a sleek, chalky look that sits well on top of primer and provides excellent coverage.You can get the same results using either oil or water-based paint.A single gallon of paint is all it would take to redo a large chest of drawers.Don't use an oil-based paint over a water based paint or primer, it's important to keep your layers consistent.

Step 8: Roll or brush the first coat of paint onto the furniture.

Paint from one side of the piece to the other.The faces, frame, and drawers need to be completed individually.You will be able to give each your full attention and avoid oversights and inconsistencies.To ensure that the paint is properly mixed, be sure to stir it thoroughly with a stir stick.If you use a roller, fill a disposable paint tray with just enough paint to cover one side of the drawer at a time.This will keep the rest of the paint from drying out.

Step 9: The drawers need to be painted differently.

Move onto the individual drawers once you've added a new layer of color to the frame.It's important to paint every part of the drawers that will be visible when they're open.The backside of the face is included.You can use a handheld brush to place a fresh coat of paint.Consider painting the entire drawer to make it look like a more natural fit.

Step 10: The first coat needs to be dry for a few hours.

You need to give the paint time to oxidize before you can apply a second coat.Don't handle the piece while it's wet.Refer to the manufacturer's instructions if you want to know the exact drying times for your paint.If it's raining or humid, keep the doors and windows closed.The look of the finish can be impacted by excess humidity.It is possible to finish the first coat in the morning and then start the second coat at the later hours.It will be able to dry overnight.

Step 11: Add on more paint.

Allow the first coat to dry completely, then repeat the painting process with a second coat.Adding a third or fourth coat for a more assertive color is possible.Each coat requires up to 4 hours of drying time.You don't want to just hit the broad strokes when you paint the first time.

Step 12: It is possible to add a coat of protective varnish.

After the topcoat has dried, roll or brush on a final coat of varnish to seal the new paint.The varnish should be spread over the entire furniture.It will take up to four hours to dry.latex paint has an eye-catching finish because it is smooth.A clear coat may be what you need.A layer of varnish will protect you from damage.

Step 13: If you want, you can change the drawer pulls.

Since the accessories are already taken apart, it is a good time to replace them.Store the old pieces in labelled bags to reuse later.Attach the updated hardware with new screws and faceplates.You can find attractive knobs, handles, and hinges at your local improvement center or have a set custom made for you.To accommodate different styles of accessories, it may be necessary to patch old holes or drill new ones.

Step 14: It's a good idea to disassemble the dresser.

Stand back and admire your work.If you want to change up the layout of your home, you can either put your new furniture back where it was or find a new place to put it.To make sure everything is secure, check the hardware connections and roller alignment on the underside of the drawers.