A fictional world can be created from scratch.

Creating a fictional world can be difficult since you don't know where to start.You could be creating a fictional world for a novel or a series of books.Start by describing the environment of the world.The rules, laws, and taboos of the world need to be addressed.A good fictional world will have a clearly defined society, rituals, social practices and cultures. Step 1: Determine the weather and atmosphere of the world. Is the atmosphere similar to the earth?Is the atmosphere similar to a planet like Saturn?The atmosphere looks, smells, and feels.Consider the weather.Is it the same in every part of the world?Is it cooler in certain places?Does the weather change daily?Is it weekly?Is it monthly? Step 2: Do you know the location of the world? The larger universe is where the world is located.Is the world close to other worlds?Is it far away from other worlds?Is the world surrounded by objects?Your world could be in the center of a solar system with planets.It could be surrounded by a field. Step 3: The world has landscapes. Do you think there is only one landscape on the world?Is one landscape warm, humid, and swampy all the time?Is the landscape closer to a desert or a tundra?Is the landscape made up of different climates?Is there mountains, oceans, and lakes in the world?Is there any land left in the world?The main character lives in the landscape.To describe the surrounding landscapes or areas where they travel to, branch out.It is possible to draw a map of the world.When you write your story, you can use this map as a guide. Step 4: List the people in the world. Determine if the inhabitants of the world are humans or animals.Half of the population are alien inhabitants and the other half are human inhabitants.List the main inhabitants of the world so you know who they are.One area could be populated by elves and another by dwarfs.There are animals and wildlife in the world.Is there any animals that look like animals on earth?Is there wildlife all over the world? Step 5: The world has many key resources and food sources. The inhabitants of the world should be decided.Is food grown in trees or in fields?The inhabitants are wondering if they get power and electricity from the world.Does it come from water in the world?The world has resources like natural minerals, wood, and fossil fuels.The inhabitants of the world could use them. Step 6: Determine the government system in the world. The inhabitants are governed by the rules of the world.Is there a power or a central system?Is there a governing system for each district, area, or state?The government operates in the world.Is it closer to a dictatorship?A dictatorship that's surrounded by a high wall could be the district that the main character lives in.Maybe the state they live in is falling apart. Step 7: If there is a legal system. How right or wrong is determined in the world.In detail, outline the legal system.What are the rules in the world?What is considered right and wrong?Is the rules the same for the entire world or different in certain areas?If you use the United States' legal system as a model, you could change it so that there's an elven committee instead of a Congress. Step 8: How the inhabitants are treated in the world is up to you. If an inhabitant breaks the rules, what will happen?How do they get punished?What is the punishment for committing a crime?Decide if prisons exist in the world.You can either use an existing system or create your own. Step 9: Discuss the hierarchy of the world. The inhabitants are organized in the world.Is the inhabitants distinguished by class, race, and gender?Is the social hierarchy biased against certain groups?Aliens are at the top and humans are in the bottom of a social hierarchy.Females are considered more important than males in a social hierarchy.The poor have more power than the rich in a social hierarchy. Step 10: The rituals of the world should be determined. What rituals are practiced by the inhabitants of the world?Is it possible that everyone celebrates the same holidays or rituals at home?There are government days in the world.Is certain rituals private or taboo?Death rituals done at home by a main character are considered taboo by the rest of society. Step 11: Mention the social and cultural practices of the world. What are the ways in which the inhabitants spend time with each other?There are large public gatherings in the world.Is the social practices different based on where you are?How do I know if it's true?The cultural practices of the world can range from how the inhabitants socialize and speak to one another, to how they dress and act.First, focus on the cultural practices surrounding your main character.It is customary in your world to greet someone with a hand gesture.This is a part of socializing in the world. Step 12: How technology works in the world should be decided. Determine if technology plays a major role in your world or not.There is no technology in the world.Is the world's technology heavy with all inhabitants using it?Some people have access to technology while others don't.You can make a version of the iPhone that is connected to people's brains. Step 13: A brief history of the world can be created. Bring the fictional world to life by coming up with a brief history of how it came to be.Was it formed in space?Is it a man who created the world?You can refer to the world's beginnings in your fiction by describing it.The history of the world was shaped by wars.A world war that wiped out all the species in the world is one example.