A Ficus tree can be replanted.

Ficus trees are a family of tropical plants, vines, and shrubs that make great potted plants.If you want to keep your plant healthy, transplant it to a new pot or planter every few years.Prepare a new container for the tree if it has outgrown its previous pot.It will thrive in its new environment and avoid trauma if the transplant is easy.

Step 1: If possible, replant your tree in springtime.

The strongest season for your ficus tree is winter, summer, and fall.If you can wait until spring to replant your plant, leave it in its current pot.If you repot them once a year, they will thrive.Even if the season isn't ideal, indoor ficus trees are more adapted to repotting.

Step 2: If your plant has become pot-bound, immediately replant it.

Plants that are pot bound are more likely to develop diseases.If you notice any of the signs, repot your plant as soon as possible.

Step 3: Carefully remove the ficus from it's pot.

Turn the container upside down by squeezing both sides of it.To loosen the plant, tap the bottom of the pot and pull it out at the base.The leaves and flowers of the tree can be damaged or removed.If it falls out of the pot, have a friend stand near it and catch it.

Step 4: Choose a pot that is larger than the root system.

After pulling out your plant's root system, transplant it into a pot with the same depth.This will give your plant enough room to grow.You can cut back on the root system if it's too large.To keep the center roots intact, trim along the outer areas of the plant's root system.Ficus plants prefer their pots to be root bound.If you choose a pot that is larger than the root system, it can stunt the plant's growth.

Step 5: There is a layer of rocks in the pot.

There is a layer of small rocks in the new pot.This will help the pot in drainage.Most garden centers and nurseries have rocks suitable for plant containers.

Step 6: The pot should be filled with well-draining soil.

To prevent it from becoming waterlogged, you need well-draining soil.As you transplant the ficus, fill the pot with soil until it is 1/3 of the way full.Most garden centers and nurseries sell well-draining soil mixes.Ask an employee for assistance if you want to check the packaging.To check soil drainage, dig a 1 foot (30 m) hole in the dirt and fill it with water.If the soil doesn't drain completely within 15 minutes, it's not draining well.The new pot should have a few holes in the bottom to aid drainage.

Step 7: Before planting the ficus, loosen the roots.

Use your hands to loosen the root ball.This will help the ficus adapt better to its new container and absorb more water.

Step 8: You can fill the pot with soil.

The tree should be upright in the pot.You can fill the rest of the pot with soil if you want to reach the plant's original level.If you make your soil level higher than the original container, it will suffocate the roots.

Step 9: The pot should be placed in a location with mild temperatures and bright lighting.

The Ficus trees prefer temperatures between 60 and 75 F.They prefer bright sunlight.If you want to place your tree indoors or outdoors, choose a spot with moderate temperatures and lighting.Spot with sudden temperature changes or cold drafts.It is better to be near a closed window than by an open door.

Step 10: The soil's top may feel dry, so water the tree.

Water your plant until the soil is moist if the first inch feels dry.The soil needs to be checked every day.Depending on the temperature, season, and humidity, how often you need to water the plant may change.When you notice the top layer of soil is drying out, water your plant immediately.If you want to mist the leaves daily, fill a spray bottle with water.

Step 11: fertilize.

During the warmer months, spray afertilizer over your tree.Cut back on the fertilization of the plant in the winter.When the tree is not active, you shouldn't give your plant more than once a month.Diluted liquidfertilizer is best for ficus plants.

Step 12: Remove the leaves with a soft cloth.

If your leaves look dusty, you can wash them with water.To keep the leaves glossy, wipe the surface of them.Do not use dish soap to clean your ficus.

Step 13: Prune is a word that can be used to describe someone.

Pruning shears or loppers can be used to cut back growth.Pruning near the tree trunk can damage your plant.Prune the tree before or after winter.