A fight against a bully is a good way to win.

The last resort should be fighting.Always try to walk away from a fight.Unless you or someone you care about is being physically attacked, you can always be the bigger man.When you fantasize about fighting, it might seem heroic and exciting, but getting in a fight is terrible.There are ways to leave the fight quickly if you have to protect yourself.

Step 1: Join the team.

It's great for fighting.It's the best way to fight in real life because you don't have to kick and punch.Both of these things can cause a lot of pain for you and your opponent.If you know how to wrestle, you can lock him up, take him to the ground, and then put him in a hold.Some holds can be very uncomfortable for your opponent.They will have to submit.You won't have hurt them very badly, and it will be embarrassing for them.It's highly recommended to learn to wrestle.If you have the technique, you can beat someone who is larger than you.

Step 2: Learn how to balance yourself.

You might be able to win a fight if you play basketball.The stance that you use to defend someone in basketball is similar to the stance you want to use in a fight.

Step 3: You should take a self-defense class.

Self-defense classes will teach you how to defend yourself and escape the situation.A short course on basic moves and strategies can be taken over the weekend.You can take an offensive martial arts class.If you don't know what martial arts or self-defense classes you'd like to take, watch a lesson without participating so you can get a sense of the instructor and atmosphere.

Step 4: Don't waste time.

Being physically fit is a great way to prevent fights.If you want to get stronger, you don't need to be covered in muscle.

Step 5: Understand when you need to fight.

Violence is always a last resort.If you try to fight back you could end up hurting yourself more than if you won the fight.

Step 6: Try to make a difference.

Some people will see this as weakness, but it is something that you have to do.You should stop the confrontations if you can.Say something like, I have nothing against you.I don't know why you have something against me, but let's just let it be.Don't underestimate the importance of verbal deescalation as a combat strategy.You win most of the fights you don't engage in.

Step 7: Ignore their presence.

Don't escalate the situation if the bully only uses words.Just walk away.Don't even think about it.Don't be afraid, never make eye contact with the bully.If they didn't exist, act as if they did.They will lose interest if they can't torture you.Try to keep a blank look on your face when they try to talk to you.You will be putting yourself in a powerful position if you do this.

Step 8: The tide should turn.

People don't like being bullied.Don't be afraid to call the kid out if they bully you in a public place.Tell them that picking on other people is not cool.Hopefully others will agree with you.

Step 9: Do you know the situation?

You should never enter a fight that you can't win.The bully should not try to get physical with his friends.Don't fight at all costs.

Step 10: Escape routes can be found.

You might need to leave quickly even if you win the fight.Take into account where you will escape.

Step 11: Pack your hands.

Pack your hands if you know the bully is stronger than you.There are two rolls of quarters in your backpack.Take the bully out of the room and hold one in either hand.The weight of the quarters behind you will make your punch more powerful.If you are in a desperate situation, you can throw the quarters at the person.Fractures will be prevented by holding quarters.You should not hold your thumbs when you punch.You could break them.

Step 12: Attack with surprise.

Don't wait until you are weak.The bully probably won't have his guard up if he pushed or mocked you.You have the right to fight back if this is something he does frequently.Hit/kick him hard in a weak spot as hard as you possibly can, and then follow that up with multiple other hits.Throwing one punch and then backing off is one of the biggest mistakes people can make.You have to stay on the offensive as soon as you enter the fight.The fight can be ended quickly.Don't hit him.It isn't a good feeling to hit someone.We pull our punches because we want to follow through on our intentions.You have to hit hard.

Step 13: If you are attacked first, keep your distance.

Don't go to the ground unless you're trained in wrestling.Keep avoiding if he punches quickly.You can't block punches in a fight.Don't hit him, just avoid them.Staying light on your feet can help you avoid attacks.

Step 14: The weak spots are what you should go for.

This means the gut, groin, and throat.Throw a punch if it will hit one of the areas.

Step 15: Avoid kicking.

Don't kick high unless you're trained to.It will allow the other person to grab your leg and put you on the ground if you put yourself off balance.

Step 16: Stick to the plan, be confident.

You will have a rush through your body.Your teeth might be chattering.Keep telling yourself that you have to be aggressive.You should get out of there quickly if you are sure you have won.Do not be so aggressive that you hurt them.You can get away if you end the fight.

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