A firewood rack is needed to build it.

firewood that is stored on the ground is open to the elements and insects, which could make it useless.firewood can be safely stored in a firewood rack to prevent it from being damagedIf you want to create a simple firewood rack, you can use cinder blocks and wood.2x4 boards and nails can be used to build a firewood rack that is more sturdy.

Step 1: There are 4 cinder blocks on the concrete slabs.

There are holes in the cinderblocks.Measure the distance between the 2 blocks and position them so they are parallel.The cinder blocks have holes in them.There is a layer of gravel under each cinder block if you don't have concrete slabs.Gravel or concrete blocks will keep bugs out of the wood.

Step 2: The cinder blocks should be placed on top of the boards.

Each board should be at least 6 feet long.The boards should be on top of the cinder blocks.Depending on the size of your cinder blocks, the boards should run parallel and be at least 10 cm apart.You will rest your firewood on this base.The boards should not completely cover the holes in the cinder blocks.If your boards are longer than 6 feet, use a saw to cut them down to size.You can use thick landscaping timbers instead of the 4x4 boards.

Step 3: The cinder block holes on the rack have 4 2x4 boards stuck into them.

There are 2 holes at each end of the rack.The 2x4 boards should be at least 4 feet long.The boards should be sticking out of the cinder blocks.The wood will not overflow on the sides of the rack if the 2x4 boards hold it in.

Step 4: Load the firewood on the boards.

As you fill the rack, the 2x4 boards on the sides will bow out and help carry the load.You can stack the wood using this rack.

Step 5: Cut 4 2x4 boards that are 56 inches long.

Measure the boards so that they are 56 inches long.Use a circular saw or hand saw to cut them.The base and roof of the firewood rack are made of these boards.You should wear safety goggles when cutting wood.The wood should be cut in aventilated area.

Step 6: 4 2x4 boards are 16 inches long.

You can use the same method to cut the smaller boards.The longer pieces will be connected in the middle by these boards.If you have any leftover scrap 2x4 wood, you can use it.

Step 7: The boards are 3 feet long.

Measure and cut 4 more 2x4s to make the walls of your rack.To make sure you have everything you need for the rack, lay out the pieces on the floor.Depending on how high you want to stack your wood, the framing boards can be as long as you desire.The rack will be 3 feet high for this project.

Step 8: Set 2 56 in (140 cm) long 2x4 boards on the ground.

The boards should be set 16 inches apart.The long sides are used for the base of the firewood rack.If you want to move around comfortably, you need to work in a large area.

Step 9: Between the longer boards, glue 16 in (41 cm)-long 2x4s.

Wood glue can be applied to the thin ends of the boards.Place the board in between the 2 boards and push the smaller center piece to each side of the rack.The process should be connected on both ends if you repeat it on the other end.This is the base for the firewood rack.The base should be rectangular.

Step 10: The long boards should be put into the 16 in by 2x4s.

Drive 2 3 in nails to the outside of the long boards so that the nail goes into the 16 in long 2x4s.If you want to repeat the process, go to the other end of the rack.The longer boards should be nailed into the shorter boards twice.The nails should be 2.5 inches apart.The firewood rack can be broken if the framing pieces are not nailed together.

Step 11: The process of making the top of the rack is repeated.

The same process is used to create the top of the firewood rack.2 more 16 in (41 cm) long pieces are needed to connect the remaining 2 56 in boards.The frame of the rack needs to be reinforced with wood glue and nails.

Step 12: The corners of the bottom rack have nails into them.

Place the remaining boards in each corner of the rack and nail them into the bottom rack with 3 in nails.If you want to attach the roof to the rack, you should place the boards in the corner the same way.Put 2 nails in each board.

Step 13: The top frame should be put into the 3 ft boards.

You can easily position the roof around the boards if you lower the frame onto its side.The boards should be put into the top frame.

Step 14: The rack can be placed on concrete slabs.

The longevity of the wood will increase if the rack is elevated off the ground.There is a firewood rack that you can stack your wood in.

Step 15: To add a roof, place siding or a tarp over the rack.

If you keep your rack outside, a roof will prevent your wood from getting wet.Place a piece of aluminum siding or tarp that is the same size as the top frame of the rack over it.Attach the siding to the rack with nails.Each nail is 3 inches apart.

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