A flower is crocheted.

The bullion stitch is a more advanced crochet stitch that produces a puffy, textured look.This stitch is great for making flowers.If you have basic to intermediate crochet knowledge, you can easily make a bullion flower.Before you make your first flower, you might want to practice the bullion stitch. Step 1: A magic ring can be made. A magic ring is the base for the flower.To make a ring, loop the yarn around your fingers twice.Put your hook into the center by sliding the double loop off your fingers.Pull this loop back to the outside of the circle.Pull this loop through the first loop if you yarn over the hook again above the circle.Your first stitch will be this one.For a total of six stitches, work five more stitches around the ring.When you are done, tug the tail of the yarn to close the ring and then slipstitch to connect the last stitch. Step 2: Chain two more. Start by chaining two stitches.The beginning of your next round will be marked by these two stitches.You won't need to do this again. Step 3: In the first stitch, create two bullion stitches. If you want to make your first bullion stitch, loop the yarn around your hook seven times.If you want to loop the yarn over your hook again, insert the hook into the first stitch.Pull the yarn through the first loop.Pull through the rest of the loops after yarn over again.Work off one loop at a time.As you go, try to keep the tension consistent.When you are done with your first bullion stitch, work another into the same space.Continue to work two bullion stitches. Step 4: You should finish your flower. Once you complete the final bullion stitch, you will need to connect it to the first one and then tie it off.To connect the first and last stitches, use a slipstitch.Attach the hook to the stitch and yarn to slipstitch.Pull the yarn through the loops.To tie off and finish your work, you need a long tail of yarn that is long enough to tie in a knot.Pull the tail of the yarn through the loop.Tie the yarn through this stitch again to secure it.The end should be close to the knot to finish the flower. Step 5: You can choose a yarn. The bullion stitch works well with many different types of yarn, but choosing a special color or textured yarn can affect your finished product.You can choose a multicolor yarn or a fluffy yarn for soft flowers.You should check the yarn label for recommendations on what hook size will work best with your yarn. Step 6: The tension can be changed by using a latch hook. If you want to ensure that your tension is even throughout the stitch, use a latch hook instead of a crochet hook.A latch hook can make it easier to work this stitch.If you loop the yarn around the hook the same way you would a crochet hook, you can pull through the first loop.Pull through the rest of the loops when you loop the yarn over the hook again.The hook won't get caught on the loops as you pull through, so this should be smooth. Step 7: The yarn should be looped around the hook a few more times. You can change the size of a bullion stitch by looping the yarn around the hook a few more times.A smaller bullion stitch can be created by looping the yarn around 10 times.You can try alternating bullion stitch sizes.You could start with a bullion stitch that has seven loops and then alternate with bullion stitches that have 14 loops.This will change the appearance of your flower petals. Step 8: The bullion stitches should be worked into every stitch. Extra bullion stitches will change the appearance of your flowers.The flowers will be a bit ruffled.You can change the look of your crocheted bullion flowers by doing three or four bullion stitches.

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