A fridge Drip Pan needs to be cleaned.

The fridge has a pan that captures ice from the freezer so it doesn't leak into the kitchen.You should clean your drip pan every 3 months to keep it free of mold and odors.The front or rear of your fridge may be where the drip pan is located.Your fridge will stay clean for another few months after you give it a thorough cleaning. Step 1: The refrigerator's manual can be used to locate the drip pan. The front or rear of your fridge is where the drips are usually located.The diagrams for your fridge can be found in the manual.If you need to clean the drip pan while it is still in the fridge, the manual may mention that.If you can't find the owner's manual for your fridge at home, you may be able to download it from their website. Step 2: The power supply and water should be disconnected if you need to access the back panel. Pull your fridge out from the wall if it is in the rear.If your fridge has a water supply control, turn it off so it doesn't leak.You don't want to shock yourself while working on the interior components of your fridge.If you only clean the drip pan, the food in your fridge will stay cold.If you want to keep your food fresh, move it into an insulated storage container or another refrigerator. Step 3: If the pan is in the rear, you need to remove the back panel. Attach the screws or bolts that hold the back panel to the fridge.To loosen the screws, use a screwdriver or a wrench.Pull the back panel off the fridge and then set it aside.The screws should be kept in a small bowl or container.You need to clean the pans without taking them out because they can't be easily removed. Step 4: If the drip pan is in the front, pop off the kick panel at the bottom of the fridge. You can get to the top of the kick panel by opening the doors on your fridges.Put a knife between the fridge and the kick panel.Once you remove the kick panel from the fridge, set it aside.If your fridge has a water filter, you don't need to remove it. Step 5: If you pull on the panel, you can see if something comes out of the fridge. The drip pan should look like a small rectangular tray if you look inside the back panel or kick panel.Try to pull the pan out without tipping it over.The drip pan will come out of the fridge easily if you remove it.It can't be removed.Cleaning gloves are not required if you want to. Step 6: If the pan is full of water, you should empty it. While the heat from inside your fridge should cause the water in the drip pan to evaporate, there may still be standing water inside it.You can get rid of the water by pouring it down the sink drain.After emptying the pan, put it in the sink.You can use a wet/dry vacuum to remove standing water. Step 7: The pan should be washed with a bleach solution. Put 1 part bleach with 2 parts warm water in a spray bottle and shake it up so it's thoroughly mixed.After spraying the pan, let the bleach solution sit on the surface for a few minutes.If you see mold building up on the drip pan, spray extra cleaner on it to get rid of it.The bleach can change the color of your pan. Step 8: To clean the pan, rub it with a rag. After a few minutes, wipe the inside of the pan with a rag to remove the cleaner.Make sure to work from one side of the pan to the other.While you scrub the drip pan, apply a firm amount of pressure.If you don't want to get mold on fabric cleaning rags, you can use paper towels. Step 9: If you want to remove any cleaner, rinse the pan under warm water. Warm water can run over the pan if you hold it under the faucet.There isn't any cleaner left on the surface so rinse the entire pan.If there is still something on it, use a sponge or rag to wipe it off. Step 10: It's a good idea to dry the pan before putting it back together. To clean the pan, use a towel or paper towel.If there are water droplets on the pan, it could cause mold to grow again.If you want to use it again, slide the pan back into your fridge and replace the panels.It is possible to let the pan air-dry for 30 minutes. Step 11: Wrap a wet wipe around a claw grabber. If you want to get rid of odors or mold, use wet wipes that have bleach on them.To open the claw grabber, hold the button on the end and place a wet wipe inside.The claw should be held onto the cloth by letting go of the button.You can find a flexible claw grabber at your local hardware store.If you don't have a flexible claw grabber, you can wrap the wet wipe around one end of the wire hanger. Step 12: Push the end of the claw grabber into the pan. Feed the claw grabber into the pan while it is still in the fridge.To clean the drip pan, carefully move the wet wipe around the edges.If you want to remove as much mold as you can, you need to work from multiple sides of the pan.If you apply a lot of force to the claw grabber, you could damage the internal components of your fridge. Step 13: When the wipe gets dirty, change it. Take the claw grabber out of the pan and look at the wet wipe.Place a new one in the claw if it looks dirty or has build up.Continue checking the wipe until it comes out of the pan. Step 14: The bleach and water solution should be put into the pan. Slowly pour the bleach and warm water into the pan after you have scrubbed the drip pan.The bleach solution will help prevent the mold from growing inside the pan.When you are done, you can remove any panels you need to access the pan.If you want to use a natural cleaner, use white vinegar.