A friendship bracelet can be made.

Bracelets are easy to make.You can keep them for yourself or give them to a friend.You can even sell a few if your friendship bracelet-making skills are really good.Get fancy by adding simple braids, charms, and beads after learning the basic technique.

Step 1: You can choose a variety of colors.

You are the artist here.If you're using three or more strands, choose as many strands as you want.You should go for combinations of colors that make a pattern.Get creative!You won't be able to create a pattern if you only use one color of thread.

Step 2: Attach your first strand to something.

Measure a length of thread slightly longer than the distance from your hand to your shoulder and then cut it.You should have enough thread for the bracelet to stretch around your wrist.It is better to have a long string than a short one.

Step 3: Use the first strand to measure the rest of the strands.

You would like a nice bracelet.Cut the remaining strands to the same length as the cut strand.If you want the striped patterns to be in order, spread out the threads.If you want the end of your bracelet to be less bulky, try not to cross the threads too much.

Step 4: The first strand should be passed over the second strand to tie a knot.

The "half-hitch" knot is needed to do this correctly.The first thread should be moved over the 2nd thread.There is a loop if you leave some of the first strand on the other side.Pull the first thread through the loop if you bring it behind the second.Pull on the first thread while holding the second thread firmly.A knot will move to the top of the second thread as you do this.You are done with your first knot.It's not so bad, right?

Step 5: You can repeat the knot using the strands.

You will need to use the first strand to make two knots in the third strand and so on after you make the second knot.There are two knots on every strand.Pull the thread until you feel resistance.Don't pull too tight!The bracelet will look odd if some knots are tighter than others.Continue knotting the first strand around each thread, moving from left to right until you get to the far right position.

Step 6: The process should be started with the far left thread.

You have made it through the first round of knots!Let's keep going.The new thread will be on the far left.You'll start with a new color of thread every time, because every thread will end up on the right.The double knot technique can be repeated with the far left strand, moving from left to right until the strand is in the right position.

Step 7: Continue until the bracelet is large enough to fit on your wrist.

You should make sure your bracelet fits.Wrap it around your wrist.The person who will wear the bracelet should be able to fit about two fingers in next to your wrist.

Step 8: The second end of the bracelet should be tied into a knot.

You need to make sure that the knot doesn't take up more than the length of the bracelet.

Step 9: Remove the additional string.

If you still have a lot of string, you can cut it off with a pair of scissors.

Step 10: Attach the bracelet together.

When you tie the strands of the bracelet together, you are ready to rock it.If you want your bracelet to be snug, have a friend knot it.

Step 11: A simple braid is added.

A simple braid is the way to go if you want more flair.Before knotting the main design, you should start your braid on either end.If you want to braid with three main threads, you need to gather neighboring individual strings into groups of two or three.

Step 12: The center strand should be crossed over the right strand.

Take whichever thread is in the right position and cross it over the center thread.The center thread is now that thread.Next, take whichever thread is in the left position and cross it over the top of the center thread so that it becomes the central thread.Just repeat!Continue this pattern until you reach the desired length of braid, which should be about an inch or less.

Step 13: The main braid needs to be tied a knot.

If you want to braid the striped pattern, you need to tie a knot before you start.

Step 14: You should braid the other end of the bracelet.

You can finish off your bracelet with a short braid if you have a good length of the striped pattern.

Step 15: Charms or beads can be added at the end of the bracelet.

If you feel like you need to add something to your bracelet, you can thread charms or beads onto the strands.Tie them together with a knot.All done!Try to sell it, or keep it if it's too beautiful to part with.