A furnace has a Humidifier.

A furnace humidifier is a piece of equipment that is attached to your heating system to control the humidity in your home.Setting up humidifiers in each room is more time consuming.If you don't set these devices right, your home will be uncomfortable.It's very easy to adjust them up or down.A few changes will keep your home comfortable. Step 1: Before making any changes, read the humidifier instruction manual. There might be differences in how to adjust whole home humidifiers.Make sure to check the manual before making any changes.Follow the manual if the instruction manual has different instructions.The directions were designed for that product. Step 2: The humidistat is where your humidifier is located. The control panel for the humidifier is the humidistat.A small box is mounted on the wall above or below the humidifier.Some models have a humidistat on the main body.If you can't find the humidistat, look for a wire or cable in the humidifier.The humidistat should follow.A digital humidistat has a screen that shows the current humidity settings and a few adjustment buttons.There is a dial for an analog type. Step 3: If it is an analog type, turn the dial to the humidity setting you want. An adjustment dial is used to set the humidity level.The lower numbers represent a lower humidity setting, and the higher numbers are a higher setting.The dial should be turned until you reach your desired humidity level.The dial might have a number on it.As the numbers go up, so goes the humidity level. Step 4: If you have a humidistat, press the up or down arrow buttons. A digital humidistat should have buttons.Raising the numbers raises the humidity and vice versa.When you reach your desired humidity level, press the up or down buttons. Step 5: Wait at least 48 hours to see if your home is comfortable. Wait about a day to see if the adjustment worked, it takes some time for the new humidity level to take effect.The humidistat should be adjusted if you still need more or less humidity.The humidity setting is too high if you see condensation on the windows.It's too low if the air feels dry and your lips and mouth are drying out. Step 6: The humidistat should be set in the middle. You can figure out the best setting if you start in the middle.The humidifier should be set in the middle between the highest and lowest settings.The scale on most humidifiers is between 4 and 5.It depends on your humidistat.Some might use a different scale like 1 to 7.To start if your humidistat uses a percentage setting, try setting it to 40%.Many people find this setting comfortable. Step 7: You should wait at least 48 hours to see the humidity level. Allow the new humidity setting to take effect for a day.You will be able to tell how humid the home is after that.You can adjust it according to your comfort level after this. Step 8: If you see condensation, turn the humidistat down. This is a sign that the home has too much water.If you want to check back in 24 hours, dial the humidistat.If the home feels comfortable, then this is the right setting.If your humidifier is left on a level that causes condensation, don't leave it.This can cause mold growth.As the seasons and temperature change, you may have to change the setting.This can lead to condensation. Step 9: If the air feels dry, increase the humidity. If your home is too dry, you will get shocks when you touch things.Dry air causes static electricity to build.It's a sign that the humidity is too low that your eyes and throat feel dry.If you put the humidifier up 1 or 2 positions, you can see if it fixes the problem.This is a good setting if you feel more comfortable after 24 hours.Bloodied noses, dry eyes, and feeling thirsty are some of the signs that your home is too dry. Step 10: If you have the option, select the automatic setting. Some newer digital humidifiers have an automatic setting that adjusts itself based on the outside humidity and temperature.You don't have to adjust it regularly.If you want to set the humidistat to adjust itself, look in the instruction manual.If you want to make changes, you should still be able to set your humidistat manually.Even if the humidifier is set to adjust automatically, you should still monitor your home's humidity levels.Sometimes the automatic setting isn't ideal.

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