A garage floor must be cleaned.

A clean garage floor will help prevent oils from being tracked into your home, and regular maintenance will increase its lifespan.Clear and tidy the floor.Before mopping the floor, it is advisable to treat any oil, grease or rust stains.If you have a concrete floor, you should clean it with a broom, power washer, buffer, or strong cleaning solution.A gentle cleaning method is needed for the floor that is coated in epoxy.Dust the mess and then scrub it away.

Step 1: The floor needs to be cleaned.

There are things on the garage floor that aren't nailed down.There are loose objects that may get in the way while you clean.All cars, bikes, tools, basins, boxes, and other items should be moved out of the garage.If you are confident that the items will not be in the way of water spray, hoses, or soap, you can leave them on the shelves.

Step 2: Wrap the outlets and drywall.

Pin or tape a plastic drop cloth or tarp to the walls at least 3 feet up from the floor.Make sure the electrical outlets are covered by this cloth.The tarp protects your walls from water damage.

Step 3: Place your hands on the floor.

Before applying any cleaning solution or water to your floor, you should sweep it with a broom.The dirt, dust, and large debris will be pushed out of the way.Put it in a dustpan and throw it away.

Step 4: The mop up spills right away.

If you spill something on your garage floor, immediately clean it up.It is more difficult to clean these liquids later on.Use paper towels or rags to mop up the mess and throw them out when you're done.

Step 5: There is a rust stain and you can use lemon juice or vinegar on it.

If you have rust stains on the concrete floor, you can try pouring lemon juice or vinegar on it.Enough is enough to cover the stain.Wait 5 minutes, then pour a second dose.Use a scrub brush to clean the stain from the floor.If this doesn't work, you can use a stronger acid or rust removal.You can mix water and acid for tough rust stains.Leave the stain for five minutes before scrubbing it out.Do not use acids on the floor.

Step 6: There is cat litter over oil stains.

If you have a dried oil stain, you should look for cat litter with clay.Spread it over the stain.If you want to absorb the oil, leave the litter alone.When you are done, sweep it up.If the cat litter doesn't completely absorb the oil after a day, replace it with fresh litter and leave it for another day.The process for bad oil spills can take a few days.

Step 7: You can use a store-bought grease removal as an alternative.

You can purchase an oil and grease removal product.The instructions are on the label.You will apply the solution to the stain and let it dry.This takes a long time.You can sweep it up when it is dry.The grease removers can be purchased at a hardware store.

Step 8: Use detergent and water to scrub the stains.

There is a box of detergent, a bucket of water, and a scrub brush.Put the detergent over the stain.Put the brush in the water and scrub the stain vigorously.When you are done, wipe up as much detergent as you can with rags or paper towels.

Step 9: A cleaning solution should be mixed with it.

You will need a warm and soapy cleaning solution to clean your garage floor.You can buy degreasing solutions from a variety of stores.To mix the proper amount of cleaning solution with warm water, follow the instructions on the label.powdered laundry detergent can be used.You should mix 1/3 cup of detergent with every 1 gallon of warm water.

Step 10: Clean the floor.

You can clean the floors with a deck brush or push broom.The solution should be put on the floor.It can absorb the dirt and oil if it sits for about 10 minutes.Once the time is up, use your brush to scrub the floor.You can rinse the floor using a hose.The floor should be dry.As you clean, keep the garage door open.You can push the water out of the door with a broom.This will help it dry off.As you clean, you may want to start far away from the door.You will be next to the door when you finish scrubbing.You won't have to walk across the dirty and slippery floor.

Step 11: The power washer can be used for dirty areas.

If your garage floor is dirty or has not been cleaned in a long time, you should use a power washer.They can be rented from a hardware store.Wait 15 minutes after covering the floor with the cleaning solution.As you spray the power washer down the floor, move the nozzle in broad strokes across your floor.Don't let the spray linger on one spot or it will scratch your floor, keep moving it across the floor.When using a power washer, keep your garage doors open.

Step 12: It is best to run a buffer over the floor.

A floor buffer can be rented from a hardware store.You can use this to scrub the floor of your garage in a more powerful way.The soapy cleaning solution should be applied to the floor.Guide the buffer over the floor by turning it on.A high-pressure hose is used to rinse.The floor should be dry after.It might be easier to split the floor into sections.Do one section at a time.Rent a buffer with a scrub head.These are for concrete floors.

Step 13: A dust mop is a must for this task.

Heavy-duty cleaning is usually not required.One way to keep the floor clean is by using a dust mop.Run the dust mop over the floor.The mop head should be washed in the washing machine.You can use a broom with soft bristles if you don't have a dust mop.Throw away the debris that was swept into a dustpan.

Step 14: Clean the floor.

You should wash the floor with a foam mop every 3 to 4 months.Put 1 gallon of hot water in a 2 cup of ammonia.Move the mop across the floor by dipping it in the solution.You can either wipe it up with an old towel or let it air dry.Do not use soap-based cleaners as they can leave behind messes on the floor.The mops may leave marks on the floor.

Step 15: Hot water can be used to remove stains.

If there is any leftover road treatments or salt on the floor, you can use hot water to remove them.You can wipe it up with a towel or rag.You can mop the floor after you hose it down.

Step 16: Place a cleaning solution on the stains.

Put hot water on the stains and scrub them with a scrub pad or sponge.Soft Scrub is a gentle cleaning solution.After you scrub the spot, rinse it off.Do not use strong cleaning solutions.

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