A Garter Belt should be selected.

People shy away from wearing garter belts because they are complicated.A belt that fits you correctly can be fun and fashionable.It all comes down to when and where you want to wear it.For everyday wear, go with a wide belt made of a variety of materials.For the bedroom, you can try a four-strap style made with any lux material and adornments you like.

Step 1: You should go with a wide belt.

Choose a wide belt style if you plan to wear your garter belt underneath your clothing.Smooth lines around the waist and hips are not likely to show through your clothes.Wide belts are more comfortable than narrow ones, making them the better choice for daily wear.You want a belt that is at least as wide as your palm.The narrow part of your waist is where it should sit.You have to pull at the narrow belts all day.

Step 2: A narrow belt is needed for the bedroom.

You won't be wearing that belt for long when you're behind closed doors.If you are shopping for something cute and slinky to wear in the bedroom, go with a narrow belt that fits around your hips.

Step 3: Pick one with hook-eye closures in the back.

No matter where you plan to wear your belt, this is a good idea.The backs of bras have hooks in them, so look for one that does the same.For the most custom fit, choose a belt that has more than one row of hook-eye closures.

Step 4: If you want a good fit, choose straps made of elastic.

The straps are pieces of fabric that hang down from the belt and attach to your stockings.If you wear your belt behind closed doors or under your regular clothing, go with elastic straps that you can adjust with the same slide mechanism you have on your bra straps.A good fit is dependent on being able to adjust the straps.

Step 5: The style to wear in the bedroom is the four-strap style.

If comfort and practicality aren't your goals, you need four garters.These styles will not hold up your stockings for long if you are walking around.They are a good choice for the bedroom because they are easier to get off.

Step 6: Six to eight straps are better for security and comfort.

To hold up your stockings and keep everything in place, you need at least six garters.The extra security of eight straps is a matter of personal preference for some people.Try both styles and see which works best for you.

Step 7: To create a sexy look, wear 10 to 12 straps.

A sexy vibe can be created by anything beyond eight straps.If you enjoy intricate details, lots of straps, corsets, and other fetish wear, try one of the styles with 10 or even 12 straps.You will have a lot of unclasping to do if you plan to take these off in the bedroom.

Step 8: For daily wear, choose non-stretch satin, powernet, or cotton.

If you want to wear your garter belt under your clothes for a long period of time, you should use a fabric like powernet or plain cotton.It is important for this area of the body to breathe for both comfort and health.

Step 9: You can choose fabrics like faux fur or leather for the bedroom.

Garter belts for the bedroom can be made to your specifications.There are many options, including lace, vinyl, silk, leather, faux fur, and nylon.It's good to get whatever looks good for you.If you want that belt trimmed with faux fur, go for it.

Step 10: Don't wear bows, lace, or ruffles for daily wear.

The best way to use these adornments is in the bedroom.There are little details like bows and ruffles that will show through your clothes.They can cause you to tug and adjust your clothes all day long.

Step 11: Light-colored fabric is a good choice for a daily belt.

Dark fabrics can show right through if you are wearing tight or light colored clothing.Before you get strapped into your belt, make sure you take your outfit into account.If you have to leave your house, double-check in the mirror.

Step 12: Go with metal clips.

Plastic clips tend to slide off of stockings.You want the clips to hold onto your stockings when you wear the garter belt.The best choice is metal.The clips with metal teeth can tear stockings and clothing.

Step 13: You can get measured and fitted at an independent lingerie boutique.

It's a good idea to go to a lingerie boutique for a professional fitting if you've never bought a garter belt before.While the staff person is taking your measurements, give them an idea about what you're looking for and ask to see what they have in stock.

Step 14: Measure your hips and waist.

If you don't want to get a professional fitting or if you plan to buy online, having accurate measurements is important.If possible, use fabric measuring tape.The narrowest part of your torso is your natural waist.Measure around the widest part of your body.The waist measurement is all you need for most garter belts.You will need the hip measurement to wear the belt at hip level.It's a good idea to have both.You can save yourself from having to convert later by writing down the measurement in inches and centimeters.

Step 15: Before making a purchase, check the brand's size chart.

Don't forget to check the specific size chart for each brand of garter belt.It doesn't mean you'll be a medium in another brand.

Step 16: Before you buy anything, make sure you know the return policy.

Before making a purchase, you should know the company's return policy for lingerie.Many companies have rules about what can and can't be returned since lingerie is so close to private areas.

Step 17: Don't put the tags on your receipt.

It will be easier to return/exchanging it if you have a receipt.Don't remove the protective coverings on the garter belt until you're sure it fits.

Step 18: The belt around your waist is for security.

Pick a belt that fits around the narrowest part of your waist.It needs to be snug but comfortable.If it is too loose, it will slide down past your hips and pinch your skin.It should fit around your waist.Your hips provide extra security against it sliding down since it's sitting at your waist.

Step 19: Before rolling on your stockings you need to put on the garter belt.

Before you hook and clip everything, make sure the belt is in place.When you put the belt on, make sure the hook-eyes are in the back, where it is on your waist, and so on.Roll on your stockings once you are happy with the fit.

Step 20: Once your stockings are on, adjust the straps to the appropriate length.

Just past the tops of your stockings is where the garters should hang down.If necessary, hook them into place with the sliding mechanism.Once clasped onto your stockings, adjust the straps a little more if necessary.

Step 21: Panties that don't sit higher than the belt on your waist are appropriate.

Garter belts are usually sold with a matching pair of panties.The panties should not come up higher than the belt on your waist.It is up to you if you want to skip the panties.

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