A giant teddy bear breaks a world record.

The residents of Xonacatln entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a giant teddy bear.

A publicity drive to attract more tourists to the town resulted in the creation of a giant.

Up next.Big Ben was in a costume for a runner.Time called on Big Ben as a runner.

Two people attempt a marathon record.A couple attempt a handcuffed marathon.

The world's oldest person is this woman.This woman has been named the world's oldest person.

Boseman won an award at the SAG Awards.Boseman won the SAG Awards.

'I should wear earmuffs at concerts.'I should wear earmuffs at the gig.

'Don't call us posh': Croquet booms.Croquet boom in lock down.

Egyptian mummies are in a parade.Egyptian mummies are relocated in a parade.

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