A good bass fishing spot can be found here.

The three types of bass that are most frequently fished are:The bass are striped, largemouth, and smallmouth.If you want to find a good bass fishing spot, you have to know what the fish like and follow their lead.

Step 1: Bass can be found in areas that have hiding spots.

Bass rarely move to open water and hang around certain structures.

Step 2: Look for fallen trees, weed beds, sunken boats, and other structures.

Bass and baitfish love that structure.

Step 3: If fishing amid timber you should be prepared for extra effort.

Fishing timber can be difficult, so make sure you have spare lures and time to re-tie them.

Step 4: Look at the reeds.

Near spawning flats, the last place they hide is in shallow reeds.

Step 5: The fish don't go to the same place every time.

Step 6: Check the outcrops.

These fish love rocky "humps", areas that are shallow but surrounded by deep open water.

Step 7: The mud should be checked.

The fish will be found in mud bottoms.

Step 8: The reeds should be inspected.

These fish are similar to shallow weed-beds.

Step 9: Check out the ocean.

These fish are found anywhere near the ocean and do not have specific cases other than in the bays and gulfs.The fish mentioned above hide in the same places as these fish.